Northern California Gathering -- February 24, 2002

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I started this thread to make sure everyone knows that this is an all California cruise - just kidding, Ric.

For those driving in from points North and East the routes will differ from the start in LA, but we hope to join forces at the Old Santa Barbara mission on Sunday, February 24th and proceed from there. We hope to have 10-20 new Birds in the parade and enjoy a little show and tell at Be Bop Burgers in Santa Barbara that afternoon.

Those who start from the Bay Area may wish to form a caravan heading south on 101 from San Jose. We can arrange a meeting place when we get closer to the date. Since it's a six-hour drive each way, I think it makes sense to stop over Saturday night near Santa Barbara. There probably won't be enough in the party to reserve a block of rooms, but I am compiling a list of available accommodations so people can plan ahead [anybody want to stay at the famous Madonna Inn near Hearst Castle?]

I won't even try to compete with Tbirdtim's masterful itinerary for the Georgia cruise - you must be a travel agent in real life, Tim.
) We would like to compile a mailing list for everyone interested in this or a future event. Please send me your email address and city - whichever region - so we can exchange news and questions. It won't be used for solicitation. We would like to include every new Bird watcher in the region not just for planning this event but more to come.


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Sounds like someone is going to Hawaii. If so where? I've been thrice and just love it. If there see if you can find some vins for me, don't have any from HI.

I'm going to Hawaii on 2/11. We will be on Kaua'i most of the time. However, I'm going to be busy part of the time. I have a wedding to attend and my finance wouldn't like it if I were out looking for TBirds.....
Ric should be returning from Hawaii, this morning in fact. Kauai is my favorite island. I can just picture cruising in the new car from Poipu Beach in the south to Hanalei in the north. Guess I'll have to settle for Santa Cruz today with highs in the mid-60's. :p
Grew up on Maui, left when i was 18 to go to school, army and life. i now go back normally twice a year to visit family. i was there this last december and birds had not arrived yet. i looked and found none. i was also told by a lexis sales guy that the ford dealer on maui was biggest and probaly getting most birds. i do know i was offered a red/white bird that was going to hawaii, but turned it down for my blue bird. i'll see what i can do in finding out if they have landed and what the numbers might be in the near future. Notice what my screen name is the miss spelling of. john

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Here's a little extra fun we've arranged for the Santa Barbara cruise [courtesy of Mr. D'Armi]. Ford is letting us borrow a set of the Thunderbird Mystery Drive flags and banner to identify our gathering. We can set them up at our meeting point(s).

The only trick will be finding suitable transport. I emailed the question "will it fit in a T-bird's cargo space?", but I imagine the promotion guy hasn't recovered from laughing yet.
Seriously, is anyone planning to come (from either direction) in a more accommodating vehicle?
We're only a week away from the big meet, so here's the promised list of accommodations to help those who plan to overnight near Santa Barbara. This is only a rough guide - there are far too many choices to show every town along the way. Stopovers are given from north to south [with driving times to Santa Barbara].

Madonna Inn (San Simeon) - Furthest away, but close to Hearst Castle and a unique collection of 109 theme-orientedrooms ranging from $137-$200+ [3.5 hours]

Morro Bay - Morro Rock dominates the scenic ocean view, recreational facilities, shopping and restaurants. Check the Twin Dolphin for typical rates from $60-$130. [2.5 hours]

Pismo Beach - This beach resort town has over 2000 lodging rooms, varying from modest motels $75 in town to full oceanfront suites $150-250. [2 hours]

Santa Maria - Sleepy town far from the beach, but a wide range of accommodations from the Santa Maria Inn $90-$250 to Holiday Inn $80-$160. [1.75 hours]

Solvang - Another inland town, 'Danish capital of America', wine country. Limited accommodations, Days Inn $70-$130. [1 hour]

Santa Barbara - Everything from beach resorts to city hotels. Off the beach motel rates are typically $60-$200. [0 hours]

Although this is the off-season some areas, particularly near Santa Barbara, are heavily booked. You may want to phone or reserve ahead. Send email if you have questions.
tr cruiser

We are new to this board.

We are interested in meeting up with the group in Santa Barbara next weekend.

Is anyone else from the Central Valley going to Santa Barbara on February 23-24? Maybe we can caravan with you somewhere on the way?

Is anyone staying in Santa Barbara or Goleta on Saturday night, February 23?

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SugarDaddy, Ric Torres keeps the mailing list for the event, so you may be able to get an answer about Central Valley participation by emailing him at rt2esq@*********.

The most direct route from Fresno to Santa Barbara would have us meet just north of San Luis Obispo. If you wanted to join us for the drive around Big Sur, we could meet in Salinas. That would add a couple hours to your driving time. I may stopover in Morro Bay which would make a good starting point for the Sunday morning drive to S.B. Email me if you want to make definite plans.
tr cruiser

Thanks for the information. I will check with Ric.

Big Sur is a little out of our way.

We are thinking about going through Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo on Highway 101 on Saturday, getting into Santa Barbara on Saturday afternoon or evening.

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I can retract my complaint about not having enough trunk space for the Mystery Drive banner and pennants. Ford sent me everything neatly packed in one duffel and a couple mailing tubes which should have no trouble fitting in the trunk.

I created a new album for the Santa Barbara cruise and posted a photo of the banner in my backyard. Everyone is encouraged to bring their cameras and post images of the event in the newbirddata album. [If that's all right with you, jodrod.]
still not sure if i can make the event, though i REALLY want to.

i have about 30 hours of work coming in LATE saturday night that has to be done by monday morning.

i'm considering working til 6am, sleeping a few hours, then seeing you all in santa barbara, then going back to work to finish.

on top of that, imagine if i show up and my car hasn't been freshly washed and waxed!!! don't know if i could face the group in that condition!

by the way, what's the latest estimate of how many will make it?

You are certainly the princess at the Ball and we would all love to see your bird. I have yet to see another one and would like to admire it. BTW, a wash and Armorall of the tires is the protocol. Waxing is bit too much.

If you pull an all-nighter, I would be happy to sport breakfast for you at Mel's Diner Sunset Blvd., (and lots of coffee) and invite you to join us on the short trip up the coast.

I am speaking with trcruiser later today and will post final plans this afternoon.

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NMTBirdLA, I wouldn't worry about appearances. Those of us driving long distances will probably be removing bugs from the grill [and possibly our teeth :]

According to Wacky Weekend Weatherman, Harris K. Telemacher, the extended weekend forecast for Santa Barbara is 72 degrees, sun, sun, sun and CLEAR SAILING! He also reported that the fabulous Pollo del Mar was still accepting reservations. apologies to Steve Martin and LA Story fans
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