No Boundaries Experience

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I just received an invitation from Ford to attend the 2002 Ford No Boundaries Experience show that will be appearing locally next month. It says
You'll be able to take the Ford cars, trucks and SUVs on specially designed courses, through S-turns and around obstacles for a real No Boundaries Experience.
The brochure features pictures of the Focus ZX5, Mustang and Thunderbird, but it doesn't specifically mention the Thunderbird as one of the cars "on hand for you to drive".

Has anyone seen this exhibition already? Since it seems to feature all new vehicle models, I was wondering whether they might be touring an '03 T-bird pre-production car. The local showing will be held in San Francisco June 15-16th at 3Com [Candlestick] Park. Call 1-800-314-8477 to register.

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TR -

I went to the No Bounderies Experience last weekend in Miami. Great event, but no Thunderbird available to drive. They did have an '02 Inspiration Yellow/White/Full accent on display. I believe the VIN was 100547. Just SUV's and trucks primarily. The only non-truck vehicles they had to drive was the Mustang and Focus.

What I absolutely loved was the new 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer. Spoke to my salesman this afternoon about it, but told him I won't be ready for at least a year. He said he could get me roughly $3K off MSRP, but what I was thinking he needs to be down to invoice for what he made off the 'bird deal.

Sign up for the was a lot of fun!

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