New User-Just got our Vin #!

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We are new to this great website which I found by accident. We just got a Vin #, and on the learning curve about all this. Understand the last numbers indicate where our yellow,white, full yellow, is scheduled,i.e. 15688. Can anyone advise the part number for a Chrome bezel for front hood? Enjoying reading all the historic posts. pkboyd, Baton Rouge, LA.

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pkboyd, welcom aboard.

Ford part number 1W6Z16C630BAA (approx. $70). The dealer will have it listed as satin silver but it is chrome.

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Looks like build week of 4/8, eta week of 4/22.

What is the digit just after the P60A in your vin and is it a premium or deluxe?

Also, do you know your position in your dealers allotment (# of #)?

Thanks for the quick reply, and especially, the part number for the bezel. The digit after P60A is "6". I got the premium. This must all mean something. pkboyd
Forgot to mention, I am number "2" of only 2 units going to the dealer. The dealer kept the first one for his dealership. Altho, I expect to pay sticker, all I have is a receipt for my deposit, which was made over a year ago, and a copy of the dealer invoice showing the order to Ford. pkboyd
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