New to this site ....Looking for a white T-Bird..

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Hello ,

new to this site and looking for a white T-Bird..






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David-just found out that a dealership in the area-not Burnett-Thiel-has three Thunderbirds available-I'm going there tomorrow to look at what they have-will let you know what I find out.

Rick-That's what I'll find out today-I was told that a dealer up near me had three of them-but considering the source of the info, I have to check it out myself-will let you know what I find out later today.

just talked to a dealer in ohio that had 8 sopts open now they have 7 ...

They are selling $1.00 under msrp

Here is the name and phone #
Mullinax Ford
8000 Leavitt Road
Amherst, OH 44001
PHONE: (800) 438-3673
FAX: (440) 988-4216

ask for Bob Baxenda

very nice to deal with all you need a $1000 to order your car ,the only down side is waiting it will be few months before the car is build

thanks for all the help



My guess is you should be in build around the May timeframe.

Keep an eye on my data on the Yahoo site:


If you have not joined there is a link on the home page to do so, that will give you full access to the data.

just talked to bob soon as a vin# is available I can track the time line of the car and a date of delivery via a 800# also he said that the production is up to 500 cars a week....
Don't know why Bob @ Mullinax would tell us two different things. But I just hung up the phone with him. $5000 over MSRP and they are not willing to drop ship.
If I were you I would make sure you get it writing quick. Good luck.
Did state they had 7 left in their allocation.

You are the second person that is having problems with them

I gave them a $1000 on my visa card and just checked with my bank and they put the charge on my account the same day i ordered my car... so i'm not sure what the story is but here the offer bob posted offering $1 under msrp... the offer was e-mailed to me by two members here...that is how i found him

From: "bbaxenda2002" <bbaxenda@*******>
Date: Tue Dec 4, 2001 11:55 pm
Subject: TBirds available at MSRP - $1

We have an allocation of 38 TBirds for 2002 available at Mullinax Ford in Northeast Ohio. I still have 10 unsold/unordered vehicles. If you are interested in ordering a new TBird, we are selling them at $1.00 under MSRP. Production appears to be increasing at the plant every week, they produced 394 last week. This is up from the 200 - 250 a week they have been producing. No promises on delivery, but I would look for late spring or summer delivery at the earliest, until we get the build date.

If you are interested, please send me an EMail or give me a call at 1-440-725-8381.

Just tried to call BOB .. they have two bobs working I think maybe one bob dosen't know what the other bob is doing

Ask for Bob Baxenda

he was busy I left a message as soon as he calls me back I will update..

Freese Motors in Monticello has one bird, Not three-and it is available!

Triple Blue with the Hardtop-$43,300.

If you aren't interested, maybe someone else is???

I sopke with bob and the owners of this dealership have changed the rules and now they want 5K OVER for the last 7 T-Birds that are not sold yet...
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