New T-bird ad

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Very nice...thanks for sharing it with us!
Thanks for sharing this. But what a huge disappointment. Bill Ford says the T-bird is the "essence of cool" but having him in the commercial makes the commercial itself very uncool. Yuk. The CEO's ego got in the way on this one big time. Frank, nice job, but Bill, stay in the executive suite off-camera, please.

The first commercial (the faux drag race in the desert) was absolutely fabulous and this is a big step down. :(
I agree with you totally, thaser. I LOVE Frank, and I even sent a copy of the commercial to my Mom, who is a bigger fan than I, but I keep wanting to edit Bill Ford out of it!

Thank you so much for the info, KYbluebird. I have a special affinity for Kentucky -- I bought my car there, and plan to drive it back out next summer. Maybe we can meet...

-- Paula
Paula, I followed your trip to KY and back to SF via you postings, that's the reason Theresa and I are going on 'Thunder on 66'. If I didn't have to be back at work on Monday, we would have driven to northern CA. We love SF and will try to visit some day when we're there. When you visit Louisville, stop by, you can contact me from my webpage;


VIN #7729, seq.#7505, blue premium,
partial blue interior, no top, Louisville Ky.

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