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I've been checking out this site for a few weeks and have really found it helpful. Thanks! To get started, I'll let you know a bit about my bird. Vin #1FAHP60A52Y111051 a yellow, yellow, premium with full interior was delivered to me on 2/12/02 as #6 of 15 from Blackwell Ford of Plymouth MI. I paid MSRP for it and have put the plate YLO BRD on it. Would like to find out my rotation number but, can't seem to find the right vin sticker.

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ylobrd, welcome to the board. Try looking at the white vin # sticker on the drivers side front fender after opening the hood. Should be there.

Also, if you could get a picture of your plate and send it to Dot for her web site plate photos.

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Thanks for letting me know where to find my rotation number, it was as you said, under the hood on the drivers side. My rotation number says 0501. Do I now add this to 9960 to come up with a rotation number of 10,461?
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