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How's TBird

I just wanted to say Hi

I just found this site, and since I have a 2003 T Bird on order I will be checkin in here once in a while

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Welcome to the site. Please visit often and enjoy

I'm pretty new too. I've only had my car for 17 days (340 miles) and already learned I'm glad I don't have a hardtop because of the scratching problem, that I need to watch very carefully that the service guy who does my 1st oil change in a couple days knows where to jack the car up, and that I need to sweet talk my salesman into getting the chrome bezel ordered for me at cost. It's nice to become aware of situations before they have a chance to go wrong.

One thing I would like to learn how to do is post a picture here. Any tips? The only ones I have seen on any subject were the ones of the blue car damaged during the oil change. Everything else is only red boxes.

Debi in MI
2002 T-Bird blue
1997 Corvette black
1987 Cougar XR-7 black
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