New Intro on Site

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Very nice, I like it
Kinda cool. Some suggestions...
1. Don't you need a standard "Skip Intro" link?
2. What was that music? Maybe go with a T-bird song (but hopefully not one of those cheesy elevator music remakes).
3. It would be really cool to have a series of T-birds flying across the screen!

Just some thoughts...
There is a skip intro at the bottom right hand corner.
Originally posted by thaser:
whoops, sorry 'bout that. Maybe brighten it up a bit -- it's tough to see!

I agree! I noticed on one monitor I can see it great, but on my 17" is is hard to see.
Very pretty and all, but I would rather not have the flashy intro & sound when I just want to get to the forums. Didn't notice the skip intro link, though. Since I decided to link to the main page after the intro, however, the intro now isn't an issue and can stay if more people like it.

P.S. Since it was mentioned, I looked for the Skip Intro and was able to just barely make it out on my 17" CRT monitor.

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