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We are going to have 700 Coral colored T-birds for 2003 with white leather. They will be of course limited editions and will have white leather. I a m not sure if white is the only int. or not. But, white would look sharp. They are part of a James Bond movie promotion, the car will be in the new movie. Just a little heads up for the forum readers. John

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No dates where given, just a picture of the car, but Jan 03 sounds like it could be right. I think production of the 2002's will go a couple extra weeks, so they can build all the units. Usually when Ford has a feature car like this it is not at the begining of the product year, exception of course is the NM bird. John
I just looked over the Bond site and can't find anything on the Bird.

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Any word on hardtop color? I think white would go well with the white interior.

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