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As of 03/29/2002, I am no longer affiliated with Vintage ****************************** in any capacity. Paula-that means you will have to contact them directly to receive copies of the scoop with your story in them.

The membership of Cedar Valley Thunderbirds and I are forming a new organization, named the United States Thunderbird Association. We only have one by-law:

You either own or love Thunderbirds-and you have to have fun!!

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66


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Right now I have a temporary site established-a local member of CVT and I are working on the official website now. Here's the address:

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66
Originally posted by Birdman93:
As of yesterday, I am no longer affiliated with Vintage ****************************** in any capacity.

Care to elaborate for the curious?
Mr Taylor's managing editor, Bob Moore, contacted me in February, informing me that all of the events that Route 66 Magazine had set up for the MidPoint Show n Shine had been moved to Vega, Texas, and that they had better facilities for the show-such as parking indoors in case of weather, protection from the wind if it starts blowing, blah, blah, blah.

First of all-the supposed indoor parking is a stock barn that could barely hold 5 cars, properly parked. At the time we hit Adrian, the Panhandle will-hopefully-have the calmest weather of the year.

It is at this point that I made the following post:

This is a short message to let everyone know that Route 66 Magazine
is no longer involved with any planning or preparation of events for
**** and Thunder on 66.

The Roadie gathering that was planned by the magazine is still on
for Vega, Texas in August-but the MidPoint Show n Shine WILL take
place in Adrian, TX as planned. The core group of Thunderbirds will
return to Amarillo for dinner at the Big Texas Steakhouse after the
end of the Show n Shine-there are no plans to attend the banquet
with Mr. Milner.

This event was started by **** as a way to caravan Midwest and East
Coast Thunderbirds to LA for the International Convention, and the
attempt to control meeting places and events by an outside entity-
Route 66 Magazine-was not appreciated.

We at **** hope that we may see some of you in Adrian the
afternoon/evening of August 17th.

Chairman-Thunder on 66

This is my response:

Mr. Paul Taylor:

I apologize for any harm, or intimation of harm, to you
and/or Route 66 Magazine through the comments made on the Route 66
newsgroup. It was certainly not my intention to cause any
unpleasantness between Route 66 Magazine and Vintage Thunderbird
Club International.

I feel that the plans for the MidPoint Show n Shine have
gone well beyond the point of cancellation or movement of the event.
I would gladly include in the informational mailings and
registrations for Thunder on 66 and the MidPoint Show n Shine any
information, registration forms, etc., that you and/or Route 66
Magazine would like to include inviting the participants of Thunder
on 66 or the MidPoint Show n Shine to the Roadie Gathering.

If you are willing to accept late registrations for the
First Annual Roadie Gathering, we will gladly have them available at
the MidPoint Show n Shine.

Anthony D Poole
Chairman-"Thunder on 66"

I was ordered to apologize to Mr Taylor. To keep the peace, I did so in an email, with an attached letter to Paul Taylor. This was not sufficient-it had to be in the same forum as the original posting.

Due to the many differences that have come about as a result of undertaking Thunder on 66, I am no longer associated with ****.

I have always felt that the MidPoint Show n Shine needs to take place in Adrian. The people there have put too much time and effort into holding the show-and I had to stick by my committment to the City and its people.

I am not aware of everything that has happened behind the scenes, but I was asked to resign effective 03/29/2002.

This is all I have to say on the subject of my resignation, especially since my wife is always preaching at me to "Be Nice!"

See y'all in August when "The Thunder Rolls!"

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66

Tony has personally worked his butt off for well over a year on this project and has seen to it that every last detail has been taken care of. As I live in Amarillo, I have been to the Midpoint Cafe twice in the last month delivering some items to Fran & Joann at the Cafe for Tony. These two ladies are two of the nicest women you will ever meet in your life and they just adore Tony and his hard work even though they have never met face to face.

Besides the girls at the cafe, nearly the whole town of Adrian are helping or involved in making Thunder on 66 a sucess. This includes kids in school to the Fire Department. I'm not going to give away any of the things that are going to happen, your just going to have to wait and see for yourself.

It's hard to believe, but Fran, Joann and the town of Adrian are more concered that the participants in Thunder on 66 enjoy themselves to the fullest far more than they care about any profits they may make from the Show-n-Shine.

This is a small town with small town people who believe everybody should enjoy life to the fullest and they want all to have a great time and take some great memories with them.

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There is another new twist with this whole thing.

Thunder will now become an annual event. In 2003, depending on how things work with the Ford Centennial, we will plan on covering Illinois and part of Missouri in detail-I will spend this fall/winter in research and mapping the route. In 2004, we will cover the rest of Missouri, Kansas and part of Oklahoma. In 2005, we will cover the Route in it's entirety.

This plan not only gives people a chance to see the highway in detail, it opens up the opportunity for folks that can't participate in this year's run a chance to plan for 2005.

As word gets out, you'll see more and more Thunderbirds cruising 66 with us!

*************, Chairman-Thunder on 66
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