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Apr 11, 2001
I finally posted the last of my California Cruise I photos to the Big Sur album in newtbirddata. The first few were taken on my delivery day at Town Ford in Redwood City. I added a few pictures of our coastal scenery to entice the SoCal birders to make the drive north through Big Sur on their way to California Cruise II.
Howlee and I are going to get together after he returns from his Mexican trip to work on the details of CC II. I'm thinking we should try to hold it before Memorial Day weekend to avoid some of the crowds. Post any ideas as you have for the itinerary or suggest specific dates and we will try to incorporate them. I'd like to attract as many people from the last cruise and as many new participants as possible.
I have almost the exact same photo as "Watch Your Step" from a trip of mine down the coast 26 years ago (!) with a friend (in a '49 Chevy Panel Truck). Big Sur is one of the world's truly beautiful places, and you had one of the world's truly beautiful cars to enjoy it in. Life is good!
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