Neiman Marcus In Circle Reward Points

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For other N-M buyers I have received the 25,000 points that are given to the buyer of the NM Birds. Has anyone else?

If you haven't,and need help getting them.

First, the selling or delivering dealer of the Neiman car is to send the Neiman Marcus Company paperwork regarding the sale of the NM Bird.

Second,Neiman Marcus buyers MUST have or open an account with Neiman Marcus 1-800-685-6695 /New accounts call 800-825-8000,and make at least a $1.00 purchase on the account to be eleigible for the 25,000 in-circle points to be added to your NM account.

Third, depending on the promptness of the Ford dealer getting the paperwork to Nieman Marcus, the time frame is four to six weeks
after they get your paperwork to get the credit to your old or new NM account.

For more information, NM In Circle Program call 1-888-462-4725.

Lastly, this program is worth it. Last year I looked on their web page and 25,000 points could be redeemed for one night in Vail, Colorado.

12/10/01 update. The dealership DID NOT send the sales paperwork to NM, I faxed them a copy of the paperwork. The points must be redeemed before March 1,2002.

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The 25,000 points is also redeemable for $625 worth of Gift Card value. Received my catalog and welcome letter yesterday.
Thanks jackbran

The hotel offer this year would require me to spend an additional $5,000 at NM to stay at a local hotel that has great packages as a result of the economy.

It would be better, in my opinion, to get after holiday deals at NM stores using the Gift Card.

The NM In Circle program has been as hard to get as our NM Birds.
If you send them your sales documents they will give you the points( most dealers are clueless).
You must have a charge account with NM and charge once on it to get the rewards.

Email me if you need more information.
Once you get the points you have until last day Feb 02 to redeem them. Go to NM web page and they have in circle site on their page.

'56 + '02 Birds
I exchanged my In Circle Points for a $625 Gift Card. Not bad.

FDCAPTAIN, I had a friend in Denver saying she saw a Red t-bird in Denver recently and I was betting it was yours since so few have hit the streets yet.

I drive a Neiman Bird. I recommended a friend to my selling dealer and he bought a red one. Did you purchase anything with your card?

'56 + '02 Birds
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