Neiman Marcus Floor Mats

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You can order the Neiman Marcus floor mats from the parts department at your Ford Dealer. (Or you should be able to do so; I ordererd from my dealer and got a reserve set).
when i took delivery of my car, i went to the parts department to see if i could get an extra set of nm mats. they wanted $215 for them!!! i said no thanks and bought the t-bird logo mats for $60 (which is also overpriced.) i use those for "every day" use and the nm ones for "show."
also, the tbird logo mats have a thicker pile to them. they are overall better.

it's just the nm mattes probably have to be custom made for each order since only 200 were originally made. (i'm sure they made a few extras during the process.)
Originally posted by Chief:
I have the $50 mats. They don't match the darker installed carpet. Has anyone noticed this?

The logo mats are a shade lighter (but so were the original factory mats).

For those of you who don't have them a BIG plus is that the logo mats are wider. They cover the entire floor area
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