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Is there "any" other phone number other than the "800" to obtain information on Tbird status? Our dealer has "not" gotten any of their alottment for the month of March. Total cars for our dealer so far is 6, of their 26 alottment. 3 more cars were serialized 3/22/02. Does "anyone" know what Fords "formula" is? They are not sending 3 cars a month to each dealer as stated in the beginning of this long wait. I know the soft top orders are being pushed ahead, which makes sense, but..that is the only thing that makes sense. Does Fords Customer Service have an "email address"? Very frustrated.. along with many others on this forum. All suggestions welcome!! Anxiously awaiting #14 of 26.

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Twin Birds,

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to the distribution, so far. I have a 7, 8, 9, 10, 16 and 22 of 26 listed with either an eta or delivered date in the database. Go figure. All these have been since mid February.

Other than the dealer or the 800 #, I know of no other source of information from Ford. Customer Service does have an email listed, you can find it on the Fordvehicles home page I believe. My experience with them is if it doesn't fit into one of the "canned" situations you won't get much of a response.

As has been brought up here multiple times, this is one area Ford really needs to work on (the customer service issue).
The Ford customer service center does not get involved with vehicle scheduling. Don't e-mail them. Any communication with them goes back to the dealership for handling.

Each Thursday, the scheduling system pulls a group of orders (from the order bank) and serializes them - assigns a vin. These vehicles will be scheduled for production - usually within the next 4 weeks.

The allocation that a dealer has for the month determines how many vehicles will be scheduled. The priority for the order (set by the dealer when the vehicle was ordered) or the order date (If multiple orders have the same priority number) usually determines which vehicle will be scheduled next. The dealership allocation (by month) formula looks at total allocation for the model year, the priority set by the dealership,
oprder input dates, etc. As the dealerships that were only allocated 1 or 2 vehicles fall out of the allocation system, the larger dealers will begin to get them faster.

We are just beyond the mid-point in the production run. If your "position" wasn't affected too much by pull aheads (or possible dealership re-prioritization), you should be coming up very quickly.

The availability of commodities, (tops, colors, interior trim, wheels, brake systems, supp. lamps, etc.) can affect the scheduling of a particular vehicle. As you said, no-hard top models are being pulled ahead. They take up an allocation slot for the month and everyone else slips back a notch.

Generally, the scheduling is dealer dependant. If a dealer wants to pull a vehicle ahead, they can put a higher priority on it and it will come up quicker in the scheduling system. Ford Motor Company will not get involved with the dealer's scheduling system, except where commodity availability dictates.

Call your salesperson on Fridays and ask whether you status has changed (after Thur. night). They will check for you, or you have the wrong salesperson.
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