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Sounds good to me. I've been on vacation this week and will return to work on Monday for a week before taking the week of the 12th. Will be leaving on the 15th for the drive to Dearborn and the plant tour. I know I can wave as I cruise thru Greensboro and Guilford County on the way!!!
My white/ white deluxe arrived two weeks ago and we are really enjoying it. Heelbird, I live in next to you in Goldsboro. Let me know, perhaps we could stop by the bank on the way to the beach.
I had a great trip to Boone from the Triangle this weekend. Only saw one other TBird on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Count me in on getting together with other NC TBird owners. There are several good places to meet here in Raleigh, but a ride somewhere else would be just as good.

NCBlueBird Blue/Blue Premium VIN#20726

I'm at First Citizens branch at the Vernon Park Mall---If you're coming thru on a Friday, we could meet for lunch...I get to GBoro fairly frequently to eat at the Outback as well, so that is a possibility--we could distract everybody to go to the parking lot to gawk at the Birds and lessen our wait for a table!

NCBlueBird---Fayetteville one week, Boone the next......I thought I drove a lot! Enjoy!!!
Thanks for the info. Not going to me able to get to the beach this weekend, but perhaps we can get together after you get back from your Wixom tour.
HeelBird, Now that I've gotten it good and broken in, I'll stay home a little more. Hope to take about one good trip a month.

Have a good factory tour! I wish I could be there too. Maybe I'll get my chance.
Yeah, you just THINK you'll be able to let it sit still---you'll still be gravitating to it and taking the keys with you, and you know what'll happen then.

NCBird--might just have to make a trip to the Outback this weekend!~
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