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Just received a mylar tape kit from ford to protect the paint when the top is installed. Kit contains four sets of tape. Tape must be removed whenever the hard top is removed or every three months whichever comes first. They gave me this kit but subsequent kits will cost about $50.
Seems like a real mickey mouse solution to me.
I hope enough pressure is brought to bear for ford to come up with abetter solution.

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I called Ford customer relations about this very thing. It's important that we all register this problem and get in their data base. 800-392-3673

Fifty dollars every few months is a joke!!!
Correction: the tape kit has enough pieces to do four applications, ie. $50 per year @ every 3 months. If this is the final solution, Ford should make a nice profit on these $2 kits.
If this is Ford's final fix, the first 3 years better be warranty. The maintenance book says to remove the top every three months to clean dirt from top seal & sealing area on body. This tape kit is an after thought on Ford's part. If they do not want to pay paint warranty claims then they better supply the kits for the first 3 years as the tape is not normal maintenance as outlined in the owners manual. It would be cheaper for Ford to belly up to the bar and update the 02's like the 03's than to buy tape kits for 3 years and paint cars for 3 years. Ford are you listening. Fix these $40,000 vehicles correctly.

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I agree with Lon. It's absolutely ludicrous to think that Ford would CHARGE us $50 a year to fix a problem that they created in the first place!
I just called my dealer about this again and they can't find anything out about it. Does that surprise anyone. They will get back to me on it. Don't think I will hold my breath.

I just called the dealer again and gave them the OASIS # 3085 and the part number 1W6Z-202W30-AA. They Still don't know anything about it. Hate to say it but Ford doesn't have their shi- together. The guy in the body shop that I talked to said the Ford Rep was there today and didn't know anything about it. I think they need to get their ducks in a row and act on this ASAP.

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I hate to be a broken record but, as I've said in my other post, look who you're dealing with.....
Took my bird into the dealer yesterday to fix the scratch found under my top when I removed it about two weeks ago. Just insist they repaint and don't take no for an answer and they will get the message soon enough. I will get it back tomorrow (3rd day), don't think dealers will want to go through this too many times. Warranty pays for it but what a pain to go thru. Hope they have a better fix than the tape soon.
The problem is that the top scratches are usually also on the quarter panels(at least mine are) so those would have to be painted also. Do you really want to do that? I think I would rather have my car original instead of the entire rear of the car being painted which is what you would have do do and the chance of a problem with perfect matching etc. is too big a risk to take.
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