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After many unsuccessful attempts to access my bookmarked ownerconnection web page, I tried the regregistration link again and was asked to re-enter my VIN. Most of my other information was already copied over, and when I completed the registration, it took me to a new site called My Ford Thunderbird which looks like a replacement for ownerconnection. You get a welcome video, car care tips, fun Thunderbird info and a maintenance calculator. It looks like this may be a replacement for the old web site.

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I had entered all my info into the site many moons ago and the other day I went out to add the new Escape that we will be receiving in about two weeks or so. I had to go through the entire registration process again but it did seem to remember my service dealer from the previous registration (service will be performed at a different dealership than where I purchased it). I noticed on one of the pages that Ford announced it had just brought it's new ownerconnection, now called MyFord... online.

As an aside, I have the VIN for the Escape but it is not scheduled for production until this coming week. When I entered it's VIN as my second car, the system kept kicking me out saying it was an invalid VIN. I know the VIN is in the system because VOPC will let me track it. Maybe you can't enter a VIN into MyFord... until the vehicle is produced.
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Based on your post, I went to this morning and it indeed re-routed me to "My Ford," but somehow it had kept all of my previous information, including VIN (except for my original dealer's name, which is somehow lost, and there is apparently no way to "edit" that info).

It's kind of a neat site with a lot of potential, if they keep it up to date.
It looks like it may be a works in progress. The owners manual, which was online last night, is currently unavailable. Here is their site map
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Owner's Guide
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Since I received a build date on the Escape, I went out to see if I could now enter the VIN but it still would not accept it.

When I was there I noticed that I had new messages, so I clicked on read new and I was told that I needed to have the 5000 mile check done. Well I had that performed at the same time as the fan module replacement back in December. I went to the maintenance log and it did not have that info in it any more. So, if you all have entered any info into the maintanence log, go and check it, it may need to be reentered.

I just tried to register in My Ford using my VIN and it must know that it's not a sold unit yet. It said that the VIN was invalid, and I know that the car is at the dealership now!

have tried to register my Bird, but it will not accept my street name. Says the street does not exist. They say they will have it fixed by Friday, will see. John

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