My Bird A Magnet

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Almost forgot to report what happened to us when we were at Carlisle the other week. We were parked in the registration lot and I was filling out the paper work when I heard a yell and looked over and the wife was having a fit. Some kids driving a GOLF CART ran into the front corner of the Bird. These Kids were like maybe 10 and 12 years old. This drew a small crowd of people around the car. I looked for damage and there was none, they ran into my front tire with the front of the golf cart. Needless to say I was ready to do away with some kids.

I think that the NUDOS have it in for me and they won't be satisfied till they destroy my Bird.

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Hey Gobird you're not alone on that magnet bit. I accused Ford the other day of putting rock magnets in my swindshield. Have caught 4 rocks so far and only able to treat two of them before they spread. To make matters worse, their replacement windshield was no good. I was surprised that the new windshield only lists for $260.00, thought it would be much more.
DavidA, yes it does have the Thunderbird emblem in the lower center just like the original. They are only available from Ford Motor Co. There is also a $100.00 seal that goes with it. I bought the seal just in case I needed it but being this new, the old one is probably o.k.The seal can be returned if not used.
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