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The Ford site has for some time posted the MSRP of the new bird as follows:

"Thunderbird MSRP $35,495 - $41,995*"

What's with the $41,995 figure? That's a couple of thousand more than the original MSRP for the premium bird. Could that be the 2003 price, maybe? Or does that include the NM edition?

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That's the MN price. Since it was a Ford item, they included it in the MSRP. It's been that way as long as I can remember.
I posted a file (Pricing Breakdown.htm ) on thenewtbirddata site with the current pricing (from the Ford website) as of 1/17/02, the MSRP appears to have gone up $200.



The NMs are not included in the breakdown.

On our sale order sheet, it has the
MSRP price as of our order on 10/21/00.
Also detailed is all the taxes and
fees with total signed by the sales

Question is has anyone had the company
refuse the deal or try and up $ with jodrods
information of a $200 price increase.
whvt101, mine went into production on the 18th of this month and according to the info price went up on the 17th. Bird should be in in about 2 weeks so I won't know till then. Like you said, it doesn't really matter at this point in time. Live long and prosper!!!

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Your dealer was invoiced the week before the car was built so it should be at the old price. I will fiind out today as I am going to my dealer to get the final price with tax and title. My car was built on the 17 th. Will let you know tonight.

Just got back from my dealer with a copy of the invoice and it is two hundred dollars higher than the sales order we submitted in January of 2001. Paid MSRP so not going to get upset over $200.00.
Interesting. Is there ANYTHING that has been added to your cars for the price increase?

Maybe it was the plan all a long, but I'm sure Ford wanted to keep the MRSP below 40K on a loaded one at the time introduction.
Interesting -- At the Ford Thunderbird site, they actually give the Invoice amount as well as the MSRP. I don't know how long that's been on there, as I never noticed it before. Ford is not making any effort to hide the Dealer's invoice price.
Jodrod: - go to then click on build and price and put in your zipcode. Use the "ALL" link and the prices will be on the left side just below the pictures. I checked several other Fords and am guessing they are showing the invoice prices for all their lineup. GM and Chrysler don't do that, I'm impressed. BTW, I like the new way you are showing the charts, especially the colors and model bars. You have been doing a fantastic job on the stats. Thank you on behalf of EVERYONE here.
That worked. I noticed it sent me to a different server.

I have a price breakdown on thenewtbirddata site, I think I'll add the invoice price to it. Thanks David.
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