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I heard that "Our car" got Motor Trends Car of the Year Award. I checked out two newsstands but they haven't got the new edition. Has anybody seen the article yet?

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Thanks FD Captain,

Looks like my BlueBird! Can't wait for 12/5!

I subscribe to Auotweek and gave up MotorTrend a while ago as weekly info is better than monthly EXCEPT for this year's Car of The Year Award.

Oh well, I had to wait for my BlueBird so I will wait for the magazine.
I just saw that special order (grey) in Philadelphia Magazine. Sorry didn't read it the doctor called me to his office and couldn't read when I came out.
Per the article: -- The complete report on the 2002 Car the Year will be published in the January issue of Motor Trend (on sale December 5). also look for the movie and the radio show. And remember, Motor Trend Television on Speedvision and TNN.
Most of the opinions put down the value of the "coty"as well as the value of the New Bird. I agree they are either sore losers or not well informed car people.

The few million of us lucky to get SPEEDVISION TV have witnessed the visuals
of the vehicles tested and competing.
MotorTrend TV next month will be worth watching and the MT web site will have more for us also.
It is interesting to note that the 2000 COTY was Lincoln LS, and last year the PT Cruiser.

Both former winners are still getting more applause than put downs.
Just picked up a copy of Jan issue of Motor trend at Walmart. Haven't had a chance to absorb it yet, but looks good. There is also a reprise of the Motor Trend test of the '55 bird.

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Another thought. I wonder if it is possible to get a small replica of the motor trend award to mount in the car. It would be nice to have a "Car of the Year" plaque in your car. Ford, are you listening. How about providing that?

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Just picked up a copy of the December Motor Trend at a nearby Waldenbooks. Read the Car of the Year article...every word. OUR car got rave reviews. It beat out BMW's, Mercedes's, Audi's, Lexus, etc. in one of the "toughest fields" ever, accordingto the editors of M/T. Great styling, great value, fun, surprisingly good performance and engineering, wonderful creature comforts were some of the phrases used to describe OUR
car. The best summation, in my opinion, was...."with the 2002 Thunderbird, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts".

Congrats to Ford Motor Company and to us lucky folk who will own this terrific car.
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