Most Asked Questions From "Outsiders" About Our Thunderbirds

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I thought that I'd start this thread because there is one question that almost everyone asks me about my Thunderbird...

"What size of V-6 engine does it have?"

People are so surprised to find out that it has a V-8 engine! This has led me to think about buying those "V-8" emblems and put them somewhere on the exterior of the car.

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Really? Never been asked that, infact they do ask what size engine but always assume a V8. (But, then I don't hang around to many guys with imports either)

Most common for me has been.

Is it new?
What is it?
Is that a custom interior?
or last and my least favorite.
How much?
I get asked if it's a V-8 a lot and also if it's read wheel drive. I've thought about thos emblems too, but I like the plain sides too much to put them on. I also have been asked if it's a Jag (3 times) and a pontiac (once). I also get asked what year is it? - I guess some think it's a real early bird.

Most commonly asked:

1. Does it have a V8? (I, too, am thinking of adding the V8 emblem to the vehicle)

2. Is it new or is an old T/Bird? (one couple wanted to know when I bought the classic...thinking it was a 55 T/Bird).

3. Is is a convertible? (when hard top is on)
Most frequently asked question:

"How the hell did you get your wife to go along with you spending $40,000 on a weekend toy?" Just kidding.

I have only had the car two days, but I have been asked the V8 question.

Today I put the new Explorer V8 emblem on the back shelf above the Thunderbird logo like HeelBird.

I am considering getting two emblems for the front fenders....have not decided to do it yet. What do you all think?

I also put a TBird emlbem like the one on the trunk lid in the trunk above the little cubby hole like TBirdTim did.
You know, the cubby hole where
DavidA keeps his "susters".

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By far and away the question I get the most is "what year is that?" I'm sure I look at them like..."have you been under a rock for the past two years???" I guess not everyone has followed the development of this car like I have. But really folks, don't you think it still "looks" like a 21 century car?

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Mine seems to be a close race between what is it and what year is it.

Joel, personally I'd not put the emblems on the fenders. It'd spoil the lines, IMO, but, to each his own.

I did paint the birdwings on the chrome wheels with the Thunderbird Blue touch-up paint, but the photos that I took to get posted on Amadeus' site don't show the detail.
i was going to have a garage built for my bird that i thought i would get this summer, but i got one on apr 25 and the garage wont be built for a couple of more weeks. i have been asked about 20 times "do you want to keep it in my garage? just leave the keys with me in case i have to move it." my answer so far has been" NO THANKS"
I've been asked most of the questions posted earlier, but in a relatively small town the most common question I get is simply, "What kind of car is that?"

Little they know.
One of the most surprising questions I got was, "Is that a Rolls-Royce?" And then there was the fellow who said, with a grin on his face, "You ought to be ashamed of yourself."
Most often asked, perhaps because this is Iowa: "What kind of mileage do you get?" Here's a beautiful, new, yellow Thunderbird convertible, and the focus of interest is on the pennies!
I've also been asked if it was a Rolls Royce. A ton of people have asked me how much it cost. And the #1 question I get is "How do you like it?". I was recently asked that by a man driving a Ford pickup pulling a trailer with a brand new yellow t-bird on it. He had just picked it up from the Ford dealer and had only driven it onto the trailer.
The worst was "Who makes Thunderbird?" I also get "What year is that Thunderbird?" Many seem to recognize that it is a Thunderbird, but they seem confused as to what year. I stopped by the roadside in DeWitt, Arkansas to look at a 1955 Thunderbird that was for sale, the owner offered to swap me even for the new one! Only problem was, her car need a lot of work, and in best shape would not have been worth a new one..

We drove over to Tunica last night, I spotted a Yellow w/Top down headed south on Highway 61 just south of Tunica...We waved...

At an early car show in Kentucky I heard a lady ask the salesman, "What gas milage does it get?". He was so surprised at the question it took him a moment to collect himself and say "I really don' t know."

I got the beating that a sinner deserves..I wasn't up there 24 hours, and I never hit 4 of a kind on Video Poker, Craps was a nightmare, and Blackjack was a disaster. The only thing I saw paying on a regular basis was the ATM!

I picked up a crapload of bugs on the car coming across the delta, so when the rain stops I'll be washing and waxing...

Not really a question, but the most common remark has been about the turquoise birds on the hood, trunk and steering wheel. Most people are surprised by it so I explain its ties to the original '55.
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