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At work or rest, Ford's Thunderbird surprises

Headlines in this week's (2/25/02) AutoWeek Autofile (p.18).

Hurry up and get your copy today!

Also in "The News" (p. 4) - Ford will build GT40.

Couldn't pass this up:

"On the skidpad, the Thunderbird pulled a respectable 0.83g and wheeled through our slalom course at 44.1 mph. For comparison purposes, in a recent test BMW's M3 (about 350 pounds lighter) pulled 0.87g and ran the same slalom course at 46 mph"

Boy what terrible numbers.

The first comments in the Views and Reviews section are by my lovely wife Lelia. What a great boost for her the week before she is scheduled for some pretty serious surgery!

Red/Red/Red Premium #1678

Glad to hear one of us made it into print. I looked at all the names but there were none that I recognized.

Hope all goes well in the upcoming ordeal.
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