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At work or rest, Ford's Thunderbird surprises

Headlines in this week's (2/25/02) AutoWeek Autofile (p.18).

Hurry up and get your copy today!

Also in "The News" (p. 4) - Ford will build GT40.

Couldn't pass this up:

"On the skidpad, the Thunderbird pulled a respectable 0.83g and wheeled through our slalom course at 44.1 mph. For comparison purposes, in a recent test BMW's M3 (about 350 pounds lighter) pulled 0.87g and ran the same slalom course at 46 mph"

Boy what terrible numbers.


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The first comments in the Views and Reviews section are by my lovely wife Lelia. What a great boost for her the week before she is scheduled for some pretty serious surgery!

Red/Red/Red Premium #1678

Glad to hear one of us made it into print. I looked at all the names but there were none that I recognized.

Hope all goes well in the upcoming ordeal.
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