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Automotive News 03/18/02
author: Richard Truett
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A hot rod Lincoln is coming.

McLaren Performance Technologies - known for its high-performance Mustangs of the 1980s
and for engineering vehicles such as the Buick GNX and GMC Syclone and Typhoon - has
created a high-performance Lincoln LS. The car will be on display next week at the New
York auto show. McLaren plans to market a version of the car as a 2003 model this fall
through about 100 Lincoln dealers. Price: $49,750 for the LS with an automatic transmission,
almost $16,000 more than a base 2002 LS with a V-6. A six-speed manual transmission is a
$5,000 option. McLaren hopes to sell between 300 and 500 units annually. It will provide the
powertrain warranty.

The McLaren version is powered by a supercharged 3.9-liter V-8 engine rated at 350 hp. It
has four-piston brake calipers, a reworked suspension and several cosmetic upgrades.

"Our intention is absolutely not to put Mustang brute and brawn into a Lincoln," said McLaren
CEO Steven Rossi. "It's to put BMW engineering elegance into a Lincoln."

The car will compete, he said, with the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz AMG E55 - two super
high-performance German sports sedans that sell for about $70,000.

Peformance kit available

Lincoln dealers also will be able to buy from McLaren a $5,000 performance kit they can fit to
cars in inventory. The kit includes special wheels and tires and adds about 40 hp from a
redesigned intake and exhaust system.

I wonder if this kit will fit the T-bird?


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A little off topic but I noticed you reference Automovtive News, which has the same parent company as AutoWeek (they also use Automotive as a source).

I have been thinking about subscribing and was wondering is it a weekly and does it cover the nuts and bolts of the auto industry as Aviation Week and Space Technology does for that (my) industry.

I would really like to find out if the 6 speed manual tranny could be adapted to the Bird. I have rowed the gears as long as I have been driving and even though I have gotten used to the auto in the Bird, I would still prefer the control that the manual gives. Of course the exhaust note would definately have to change to complement the manual box.
Why pay that much-when it will be offered by Ford? This is an aftermarket upgrade by McLaren-you'd be looking at around $65,000 for a Thunderbird modified in this fashion. And to me it does not make that much sense, when Mercury has the Marauder being manufactured for the 2003 Model run, with a 300HP 4.6 4V, and the Marauder convertible for 2004 with a Supercharged 4.6 4V pumping close to 350HP.

The Thunderbirds will receive upgrades in performance and handling for 03-but in looking at side-by-side photos of the Lincoln LS and the Thunderbird, there are some differences in the construction of the body that could make some of the planned upgrades by McLaren for the LS impossible for the TBird.

Only way to really find out for sure is to contact McLaren, and see what ideas they have.

I just fired off a fax to MPT-should have an answer by the middle of next week-I have dealt with McLaren before-usually takes a few days for an answer.

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