more horsepower

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so we know that the 03's are getting more hp - 285 i think.

how is it getting it?

is it just a chip? if so, we '02 owners could fairly easily get more hp.

also, has anyone looked into any 3rd party chip makers?

thanks in a advance

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As I said on an earlier post. About 2 or so years ago I read somewhere Ford Could get about 350hp out of this engine if they wanted to. Don't know how they would do this but seems it is possible.

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sorry if this is a question that's been discussed already. i can't keep up with all the posts. (plus, my internet service has been down recently.)
I just saw an Infomercial in my hotel room last night for a product called the "Tornado" that fits in the air hose that they claim will boost milage by up to 24% and give you from 5-20 extra horsepower.

Does anyone know if this thing actually works?

It doesn't require any power, it just forces the air to spin like a "Tornado" and they claim that mixes with the fuel better.

Here's a web link:

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By the time the aire gets to the pistons that Tornado is no longer...

I think that it a lot of hot air...

Would not waste my money on it...

I got a chance to talk to one of the engineers in April of last year. He told me then that the same engine in the Jaguar did produce more HP. He also said they had several ways to boost the Tbird beyond where the Jag was, but Ford internal politics prevented it. Seems like the "luxury" car good didn't want the TBird completing too much.

Let's hope it's just a chip change. I'm sure there will be some after market enhancements as soon as there are more of them on the road.

And by the way, NMTBirdLA, it was great meeting you and everyone else in Santa Barbara. It was great fun.
The Jaguar produced 4.0 L engine has 3996 cc displacement. 3.39*3.39 bore * stroke. Compression ratio of 10.75:1 and 281 Horsepower at 6100 RPM.

The LS 3.9 engine has a 3.39*3.35 bore * stroke, C/R of 10.55:1 and 252 HP at 6100 RPM.

I believe both engines are produced by Jaguar and have a lot of interchangeability.
(The 3.0 L Jaguar gets the LS's V6 engine produced in the US.)

The Supercharged Jaguar 4.0(coming) may yield preformance upgrades for our birds (assuming I ever get one - 7/15).
I have been told that the short block for both the 3.9 and the 4.0 is made by Ford. The top end for the 3.9 (heads and intake)are by Ford and the top end for the 4.0 is produced by Jag.
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