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Jan 15, 2002
I know we started a post sometime back on good dealers, but since no one's yet posted for one for here in sunny Phoenix, I thought it was time I chimed in.

I bought the Blue/Blue premium about six weeks ago from Bell Ford here in Phoenix. These folks are excellent...couldn't recommend them enough.

The internet constantly stayed in contact with me over tha past 13 months, even knowing I had purchased another vehicle in the interim.

My salesperson, Tony Friedley, bent over backwards for me, even purchasing the upgraded T/Bird mats for me at his own expense.

He's followed up with me several times by phone to just check in...offering a couple times to go to the accessories department of the dealer and try and find something special for me.

Thanks, done good, Bud! Will I recommend you and Bell Ford...ABSOLUTELY!

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Faulkner Ford-Mercury in Quakertown, Pa. is fantastic. They sold all of their allocaion of 18 at MSRP. They are a pleasure to deal with.

Peachtree Ford in Atlanta is under relatively new ownership....too bad they were not around a year ago...they sold all their TBirds at MSRP and they accepted my drop shipment, detailed the car like you wouldn't believe and didn't charge me a penny.

Two great dealers in a sea of bozo's.

blue/blue/full blue prem
Vin 16050;Rotation 5856
Delivered 4/29

I wanted to add to your post about Peachtree Ford. By the time I contacted them, they had promised their allotment (all at MSRP). I spoke with Walter Murry who indicated that I could get in line for an 03. He is a pleasure to work with. He called me each time they recieved a new 02 and offered to let me look a the cars before they were picked up. Long story short, someone didn't pick up their red 02 and through some bit of magic Walter got my name onto the car. I was able to pick up the car on a Friday afternoon and have enjoyed every minute of driving.
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