Mileage before delivery

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I wonder if everyone could tell me how many miles were on their car prior to delivery. I should be getting mine on Monday or Tuesday, so I am curious.


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Only 3 miles

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5.9 miles on mine.
If you should see excessive miles there
should be a Ford sticker on the drivers
window explaining random Ford plant test
The first car at my dealer had 34 miles on it
and was the dealers alotted first car and the
test drive sticker was on the window showing
23 Ford quality random check miles driven.
26 miles when first arrived in town. Then when came back from Wixom for cooling system repair it now had 47 miles on it.

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a letter was e-mailed (by dealer) to me on
what says is required by Ford of the dealer.

The franchise agreement with Ford "requires"
them to perform a Pre Delivery inspection on
ALL cars delivered from the factory.

According to her this is what is involved:

When the vehicle is unloaded from the
transport it goes to the make ready Dept.
There a trained inspector physically inspects
the exterior. The plastic covering is
removed and driven to do a brake test.
A state inspection is performed for the
sticker. Install the locking lug nuts.
Than they call the customer. She also
writes that due to the car being a
Thunderbird it is given limited driving
time. Said if do not want some services
done will have to sign a release. Hey no

Now what caused our problem was the called
"specially trained inspector" that drives
the cars to detail make ready are high school
students. I know this for a fact. One
told me how he liked the acceleration and
the B***** stereo. Beside calling friends
on the cell to let know what was driving.

My E-mail response was just do the inspection
at the main location. If you brought your
car in for the annual sticker, it would be

Do not allow the "young porters" to drive
across town to the detailing make ready
facility. I will take care of the detailing myself.

If the car does manage to get pulled for
production will get this confirmed in

Mine had 56 miles on it. Had the sticker from the Ford test and was one that was returned for the fan control module. The sticker said they put on 38.6 miles, I assume the rest was transport miles and someone's joy ride.
DavidA, Now who would want to take it for a JOY RIDE. IT'S only a T-Bird!!!

02 T-Bird
69 Vette
73 MGB
97 F-150 4x4
2-Seadoo Jet Skies
a dog a cat and a couple hundred fish in my pond
Mine had 37 miles on it. Not really sure how they got there and not really worried about it too much.


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Mine had 3! The dealer wouldn't let anyone drive it, but my sales guy (and only from the parking lot to the work bays). And the GM told the sales guy to lock the door when it was being worked on...he told me that he trusted his shop folks, but........


Still smiling!!!
Mine only had .3 miles on it. Salesman and I picked it up at the haulaway lot. I drove 60 miles to dealership with the plastic on it.

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