Milage Update

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Thought it would be interesting to see how many miles people are racking up on their Birds.

I received mine on 9/28/01 and now have 8600 miles on it.

Did a trip plan for our upcoming out west vacataion in Aug./Sept. and it looks like the round trip is going to be close to 9000 miles. Yikes!
Took delivery of our bird on 10-09-01 have have racked up a whopping 1,636 miles. Almost due for first oil change. I change oil in all my vehicles at 2,000 miles. Also getting ready for August trip. Will be putting on about 500 miles.

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Picked up YLO BRD on 2/12/02 and now have 1700 miles on it. It was garaged until the snow and salt were off the roads with just an occasional short ride on a nice day avoiding all the puddles. Now that our weather is great, the miles will rack up soon.
Picked ours up in Jan.18 2002. Now have 5300 on it and working on my 4th oil change. Made one trip to Fla. and will make a second this fall to Destin.

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Picked up the b/b premium on 3.25.02...just turned 1800 miles on it. Daily driver, but it's only 10 miles to work...

My wife's new BMW has been in to the shop three times now...but not a single problem with my Bird!
thenewtbird2, so far you have the highest daily average! 50.4 miles/day!
Got mine March 4, 2002 and have logged 2165.1 unbelievably happy miles.

Jim Williams
red/red/std blk premium #2 of 2 VIN 1FAHP60A62Y111592
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I picked mine up on 18 Nov. 2001, It has about 7500 miles now. I had 1000 at the end of the 1st week due to 250 from dealer and then round trip to Ft. Smith for Thanksgiving. Will add more when I go to Deston.

Bill's Red and White #4359
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Picked my 'bird up on February 7, 2002. She had 30 miles on her at the dealership, and now has roughly 1,200 miles. She's more than likely going to spend most of the summer in the garage (it's now officially "rainy season" here). Still haven't decided whether or not to make the trip to Destin in October.

I took delivery on Jan. 25, 2002 and now have exactly 483.2 miles on my BLUBRD.
She only comes out of her nest on nice days!

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So far we are the winners. We picked ours up October 12, 2001. We have 10,259 miles on the odometer. We just got back from a 2500 mile trip to Southern California and leave next week for a 7,000 mile trip to New Jersey. Will probably have 20,000 miles on it the first year and I don't even drive it to work. Of course, I don't work either. I know some out there who have me beat in miles, but who?
Just checked, 5885 happy miles since the 25th of January. I am guessing I'll double that by the end of September with the trips we are planning on. If I could take it to Maui this fall,
I'd have even more, but i checked and it takes more than one seat on the plane. John

Blue/Blue Prem. w/full accent
1/25 #6333
You can get it to Maui for about $2500. Ialready checked. When we were there in Feb. they had 2 triple black birds sitting on the lot. Asking $10,000 over sticker.
Took delivery of my Yellow Premium w/ Partial Accent Package on April 18th. Just turned 2,300 Miles. I have re-acquainted myself with "The Four Seasons" and "The Beach Boys". Frankie Valli and Brian Wilson(actually Mike Love), need not worry about me as competition. These two groups sure sound better than ever in the T'Bird!

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