Metro Atlanta Thunderbird Owner's and Future Owner's Gathering

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Just in case there is someone in the Atlanta area that follows this message board and hasn't heard about it...

We are getting together on Sunday, January 20th (with a rain/snow date of Feb. 10th). We will be meeting at 3:00pm at Pappasito's Restaurant at I-75 and Windy Hill Road. We have an area reserved for those with cars to display, just in front of the windows of the restaurant where we have a room reserved to view the cars from the warmth of the restaurant, while getting to know each other and to share some great food and drink.

For anyone that has not already sent me a reply that you will be attending, please send me an e-mail stating if you plan to attend and how many people will be coming with you. Also let me know if you will be bringing a car to show.

It looks like we have a pretty good-size group so far that will be attending and several cars to show.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

(My e-mail address is TbirdTim@*******)


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Please make sure to take a fleet picture so those of us who do NOT have theirs yet can drool.
TBirdTim, how many people do you think we will have? I sure hope we have a good turnout.

Ya'll come!!!!!

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So far we have 16 people and 6, 2002 Thunderbirds coming to the meet this Sunday, along with some other "show" cars! I just hope that the weather works out for all of us. As of today, they are forecasting rain for this Sunday.

...everyone keep tuned in for further updates later in the week!

With your wife and additional friend, along with an e-mail response from someone else on my list, we now have 20 people expected this Sunday!

Let's all wish for nice weather on Sunday!
We now have 22 people expected this Sunday for our 1st gathering here in Atlanta!

As for the weather on Sunday and the rain date that we have set...
The weather forecasters are saying that the majority of the steady rain will be on Saturday, tapering off on Sunday. Do we all still want to meet if the roads are wet, but the rain has stopped or if it has mostly ended? I, personally, do not mind coming in my car if the rain has mostly ended. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion, just I can make the appropriate decision on Sunday. I'll post a notice on this board on Sunday if the gathering is postponed.

One more thing... I am pre-preparing name tags for everyone that I have on my list. I do not have the names of many of those people that everyone is bringing with them, so if you have a spouse or friend that you are bringing with you, just e-mail me their name and I will have a name tag ready for them. My e-mail address is TBirdTim@*******
TBirdTim, hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a large turnout. As a birdless one, I need a "fix". Thnaks again for all that you have done to arrange this.

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I'll be there. The rain doesn't bother me. I would, however, like a cutoff time that we can check to see if the meeting is on or off as it's about a 1.5 hr drive for us to get there. May I suggest that noon is the cutoff time? Just post on this thread if the meeting is on or off.
The weather doesn't bother me either. Hopefully it wouldn't rain the entire time that we are at Pappasitos.

I have just e-mailed everyone that is planning to attend and given all of those my phone numbers, so that if there is any confusion about the meeting on Sunday, everyone can just call me. I will place a post here on Sunday morning (by 11:00am, regarding our gathering, letting everyone know the plans, even if they are not cancelled.)
It is SUNNY and warm here now and the forecast for Sunday is GOOD. Here's hoping for good weather and a great turnout.

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The list grows every day, of people coming to our first gathering of current and future 2002 Thunderbird owners.

It looks like the weather is going to work out for us!

We now have 24 people planning to attend and have 7, 2002 Thunderbird's that people are planning to bring. There are also going to be a couple of older Thunderbirds and other older Ford's that people want to bring to show us.

This event now has a couple of people driving down from Chattanooga with their 2002 Thunderbird.

Just so everyone knows, this event is also open to anyone that wants to drive to Atlanta from other States outside of the metro Atlanta area.

Let the show begin!
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