Metro Atlanta Thunderbird Group Announces New Website Address

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I have been busy working on a new website design for our "Atlanta Thunderbird Group". This is only the 2nd one that I have ever done, so I'm definitely not a professional at this, like Tbird. I'm sure that this site design will evolve, just like our "group" has over the last few months. We'll be adding photos of our road rally to it next week and be announcing various Thunderbird-related events through it over the next few months. Please update your bookmarks and links as we have a new website address.
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The website looks fantastic!!!!!

You are THE man. Thanks for all you do.

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Tbirdtim, great web site!!!! Maybe some of the other site builders should take a look at yours and see how easy the navigation of your site is. Great job. Joy

One day, I'll get to one of your rallies....promise. Are you running the Destination one?
Thanks for the kind words. I hope that the site works okay for everyone with dial-up modems. I've only had DSL lines at work and at home to try it out with.

Yes, I have started the "Thunderbird Destination" event, but there are others in our "Atlanta Group" that will begin coordinating the route that our group takes to Destin, from Atlanta, and other things relating to it. I have signed the contract with our event resort in Destin and have a large block of rooms being held for us. This could be a great way for everyone on this forum to plan to get together in the Fall. Mark your calendars for October 18-21! I'll be announcing more about it next week.

Sweet site. I wonder if I can get the other 2 owners here in town to join me in setting up a DownEast NC site???!!!

I particularly like your photo gallery. It'll make it easier to see all of the pretty Birds in a row whenever the mood hits.

Great job! Y'all have fun at your rallye this weekend, and look out for Joel....he may still be drunk with giddy happiness over his arrival.

Terrific site!!!!! Hopefully we can get our Bird (Bruiser)and of course Joel's Bird included in the Gallery on the Rally.

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