Metro Atlanta Hardtop Swap Pictures!

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We had a GREAT gathering today! LOTS of Thunderbird's, in ALL colors showed up for the event. The weather was almost Summer-like, with warm temperatures and a wonderful breeze. We had a chance to meet lots of wonderful new people joining our group today for the first time! Thanks to Johnny Rockets Restaurant for donating ALL of their delicious food and drinks to us today and for letting us spread our cars across their parking lot!

This was our last planned event prior to our "Great Georgia Thunderbird Road Rally", where we have even MORE Thunderbird's scheduled to join us. As of today, we are at 49 people for the road rally, with several more people that are about to make their reservations in the coming week!

Well, if my link works, here is what lots of people have been waiting to see...the photos (24 total) of the various color hardtop/ car combinations that we created today. Some were beautiful, some were interesting and some were wierd. As far as we know, this is the first time that such an event as this has taken place, in the world. Without more fanfare, here's the Georgia New Thunderbird Hardtop Swap Meet!

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This was great fun, but gosh I'm tired. We must have swapped 10-15 tops in about an hour. Those tops get heavy after 10 times.
I've wanted to see the red on the black car and still like it. I'm surprised Ford didn't offer the black/blue combination as well as a red top option on the black car. When we swapped the yellow & black tops, a bumble bee kept buzzing around .... some of us thought he was in lust.
Excellent menagerie, folks. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want all the more for Ed McMahon to sober up and find his way to my house....there were some awesome color combinations on display!
Thanks for all your hard work in swapping ALL of those hardtops! I hope that my photos that I took make up for not being able to help you more with the hardtop exchanges.
wow, some of thoes color combos look great, some not so great and well blue on yellow, and viceversa, ummm naaa Great job on changing thoes out so we can get a good idea on what they all look like. thanks for the pics.
Tbirdtim: Wish my wife (treasury dept.) would spring for the white and the black tops for my red bird, I think they look great.

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After seeing the pictures I am not as skeptical about the black car/white top combo. I thought it would look like a patrol car.

The red/white combo (both ways) is really good looking, expecially with the red interior.

Good work all.
Just to echo what Tim and David said earlier, we had a blast at the "Top Swap". If this is any indication of what to expect on the Rally then we will be having too much fun. Anybody in the Southeast who misses it will be missing a great time.

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Thanks for the kind words that I have received from everybody, via this website and my personal e-mail. I'm quite sunburned today...I was having such a good time that I didn't realize how much time I was out in the sun...but it was worth it!

I guess that a lot of people are checking out our photos from yesterday. I just noticed that there had been 286 hits on that photo album. I had to post the photos there because Yahoo was S L O W yesterday. This new site seems to be FAST.
too bad you didn't have the designer top on sale on ebay to play with! Did you come away with an opinion of the performance white top vs the whisper white? or did you only have the whisper from the white car? I have often thought that with some colors, the whisper white that comes with the white car might look better than the performance white that comes as the optional color.

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We didn't have a performance white top to compare with the whisper white one. I do think that the whisper white one seemed to work beautifully with all of the colors. I'm not that sure that anyone would really notice the difference.
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