Makes the vehicle louder

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I just got off the phone with a customer who doesn't use the internet, but they told me something I thought would be interesting to some of you. He was complaining that the engine of the vehicle was too quiet, so they removed the resonators from the exhaust system. Now the vehicle's engine sounds more like a sports car, it gets better gas mileage by a few mpg, and it gets 23 more horsepower. I thought this was cool, so I am passing it to my cool family.
What do you do in Wixom if you don't mind me asking.
Who removed the resonators? The dealer? A speed shop?

Is this a big/costly job?

What negative impacts can this have on the car?

Will the car pass inspection this way?

How did he determine these numbers (mpg and 23 hp)?

What state is this fellow located in???

Originally posted by jboriott:
Is this a big/costly job?

Will the car pass inspection this way?

How did he determine these numbers (mpg and 23 hp)?


Shouldn't be a costly job, cut the rear mufflers off and weld on some pipe. $100?

Since they are behind the catalytic converters the inspection shouldn't be an issue (isn't in Calif, and we are about as tough as it gets)

I would question the added 23HP issue. No question that fuel economy and HP will increase when there is less restriction, I would bet 10% is a generous number for both.

I too would like a bit more "sound" from the exhaust. I will do it by replacing the mufflers, not eliminating them. (Probably sounds really good though).

She and Lady T (whom we have not heard from here) work in ICCD. Just looked this up on the old BON.

Originally posted by G-thang 10/19/01

ICCD stands for Intensified Customer Concern Definition. This is the way the engineers at the plant keep track with what is coming off the line within a couple of weeks. This is better for them than waiting up to six months for the mailed questionaires to be processed. We make the calls starting 15 days after purchase, with a follow-up call 30 days later. We make five attempts to contant the customer. If no contact is made, they are automatically removed from the system. Nieman Marcus customers are included in the data base. After speaking to the customers so far, 99% of you are elated with your vehicles. We are happy to hear that. Your feedback is extremely important. When we call, please do not hold back on any information pertaining to the vehicle. We want to know about the smallest detail, positive or negative, to improve customer satisfaction and product excellence.

I spoke to Flowmaster and Borla recently and both of them will be producing a cat back system that will sound much better than the stock.
Not sure when, but I'll be one of the first to buy it.
Also, Raybestos is now manufacturing ceramic brake pads for both front and rear.
Leonk - what do you mean when you say "it will sound much better than the original?"

Will it be a lower growl?

Will it keep the same volume, except on heacy acceleration?

Please be specific? I WOULD like some extra performance, but not at the expense of a pleasant cruising environment, particularly since it's a convertible! I.e. loud on hard acceleration is OK, lower pitch on idle is OK. Louder on idle/while cruising/under normal acceleration is not desirable.

This is a personal luxury car. I'm not looking to make it a Street Rod.
All of my cars have a cat back after market exhaust system...on my Expedition I have a just sounds like a big block..beefier idle and a bit..just a bit louder on the upshifting..
On my Prowler, however, Borla's system makes it sound more like the car looks like it should sound..
From what I have been told, it will be a mellow sound and not a hot-rod..but certainly different then stock. As far as performance, most cat back systems add 8 there is no noticible difference.
Once it is available, I'm sure I'll have one of them instaled and will report back here in a post..
I'm not sure if I would want this on the Bird or not, guess I'ed have to hear one first. I do have side pipes on my 69 Vette and a Monza Exhaust with header on my MGB. Would like to put something better on my jet skis but the local Coast Guard wouldn't like that. Like I said, I'll wait and see or hear.

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While I'd like something closer to my Mustang GT's sound, I was told by the dealer that changing the mufflers to anything other than stock would void the warranty...does this sound right?
Modifications to your vehicle does not void your warranty. The only time the modifications come in to play is if it can be proven that the modification is the cause of the failure. If so then that specific repair will be denied warranty coverage. As an example if you burn a valve in the engine and Ford can prove that the change in back pressure due to the exhaust modification was the cause of the failure, then you must flip the bill for the repair. On the other hand if a power door lock quits functioning it will still be covered by warranty because the exhaust modification would have absolutely nothing to do with the power lock failure. Hope this explains how warranty is affected by modifications.

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