Magnaflow system. Test vehicle needed.

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Magnaflow has created a system for our LS 3.9L V-8 and they will be producing it for the LLSOC club next week. This system is basically the same for the TBird except a little shorter and with visible tips.

Magnaflow needs a volunteer TBird to be measured and fitted with the system. You may have to leave the car for a couple of days, but they take excellent care of the vehicles while they have them and they may provide a rental car for you, if needed.

If you live in the Southern California area, Magnaflow would like to hear from you as soon as possible. They are located in Rancho Santa Margarita. Please contact Bruce Wayne (that's his real name) at Magnaflow at (949) 858-5900 x 1144.

The system for the LS sounds really good, even better than the Borla and is better constructed.

Brian Gowing
Lincoln LS Owners Club

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Brian, wish I lived on the west coast, would have put my T-Bird up for the fit, but I'm in Pa, can't do it, maybe some of out West Coast friends can fill in for this.

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While I can't say this officially, it's a pretty good bet that the volunteer TBird gets a free exhaust system.

P.S. When we tested the prototype Magnaflow against the Borla, we liked the sound of the Magnaflow better. You could hear the exhaust pulses instead of the blended sound the Borla had. With both systems we saw an increase of about 10-12 hp and about the same amount of ft.-lbs. of torque.

Originally posted by ls1bmw0:
While I can't say this officially, it's a pretty good bet that the volunteer TBird gets a free exhaust system.

It is an industry standard to leave the test products, Bed Liners, Exaust systems, etc on a test vehicle.
I'll call Bruce Wayne tomorrow to discuss volunteering my car for the project.
I have one concern - does changing the exhaust system affect the warranty?

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There should be no reason that an aftermarket exhaust system should affect the factory warranty other than if there was a problem with the exhaust system or something was caused by the installation of the exhaust system and the factory could prove that the exhaust system caused it.

We have about 50 members running the Borla currently and none of them have reported any warranty issues if they've had to take their car in for warranty work, unrelated to the exhaust system.

Brian: how has Ford been with warranty claims after installing after market exhaust systems? I would hate to have paid for the 7 year warranty and have ford not cover my bird. I`ve been waiting for the borla system, but this one sounds beter. thanx for keeping us up to date.

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Originally posted by ls1bmw0:
Magnaflow has created a system for our LS 3.9L V-8 and they will be producing it for the LLSOC club next week. This system is basically the same for the TBird except a little shorter and with visible tips.

I hav a question regarding what constitutes a "system". I have looked into some alternatives for getting a different sound from my car. I have looked at Flowmaster and Magnaflow. I sure like the look of the stainless steel Magnaflow.
Is the "system" catback, and if so what real difference is that than simply changing out the mufflers? The speed shop I spoke with quoted performance increases similar to what you quoted for the LS. (I don't really care about improved performance, more looking for the sound)
Whoops! Sorry about that. Only problem with dealing with two forums is that I don't remember that you folks haven't been in the full loop.

Both the Magnaflow and Borla systems are considered cat-back system (complete replacement from the catalytic converters back to the tail pipes).

The performance increase is attributable to several factors. On the stock exhaust system the pipe diameter is 2 inches (I think). There are numerous crush bends and numerous bends that increase backpressure in the system. These crush bends also narrow the diameter of the pipe in the area of the bend, sometimes down to 1 1/2 inches.

Both aftermarket systems utilize larger pipe diameters, 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 (I think) It's been a while since I measured them. The pipe is also mandrel bent. Which means the diameter stays consistent around the bends. Both systems have less bends as well.

The Borla uses a single oval resonator to replace to two individual resonators and H-pipe that are on the factory system. It then dumps into two separate straight-flow mufflers and out the exhaust tips.

The Magnaflow uses an X-pipe, two separate resonators (Magnapacks) and then into two separate straight-flow mufflers and out the exhaust tips.

If all you want is the sound, save yourself the money that you would spend on the system and just replace your mufflers with Magnaflow mufflers. It will be cheaper by probably $200.

If you want some added performance along with the sound, then look into the systems.

One thing that Magnaflow will do will be to dyno the car before and after the system. So you'll be able to see the increase in hp and torque.
Do we have any up dates on any one installing this system, how it turned out & cost? Would like to make this up grade to my bird

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I just returned from a muffler shop in the Cincinnati area. I ask what they could do to get more sound from the exhaust. They said the simplest and least expensive way is to replace the two resonators with a straight pipe. If I did not like the sound they could easily reinstall the resonators. The resonators are behind the catalytic converters and would not affect the quality of emissions.

Mike from West Chester, Oh.

You could remove the resonators, but some of the LS folks who have tried this say that this introduces a boominess to the car. Can't say that I would recommend it.

Magnaflow is waiting on the volunteer TBird owner to get back from a business trip. I believe it's going into Magnaflow's shop next week.

If it's anything like the LS system, which it should be, you'll be pleased. Very high quality stainless steel construction. Polished, thicker than the Borla. Very nice sound. As soon as I get a sound clip for the V-8 I'll post the link to it so you can hear it.
So, once Magnaflow tests and releases its product, does this mean we can go to any place that handles Magnaflow, and they'll install it?

IOW, can I get this locally?
Thanx for the info ls1mw0, can you tell us how much the LS system is costing & are they being sold dirctly to the club under a group purchase discount?

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Currently, at least for the LS, LLSOC is the exclusive distributor for the Magnaflow LS system. We've been told we'll also be able to sell the TBird systems as well once they become available. As long as we can sell them I'm guessing Magnaflow will let us keep doing it!

Our price for the LS system for club members is $550 which includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S., plus CA sales tax if you reside in CA. I'm assuming that unless there are major changes needed for the TBird that pricing should be pretty comparable.

Non-members would pay $650 plus shipping. So club members get a pretty substantial discount. It's not really a group discount per se, just that we choose to pass on the savings of dealing directly with the manufacturer on to the members. The advantage is that we don't have to get a group together before you can purchase a system. We function as a retailer, similar to Summit Racing, or Midas, just without the middlemen.

Back to my original question: you guys sell the package, but who does the install?

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