made in canada?

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i just bought 2002 bird, black, with hard top, made in canada. can anybody tell me if there is any great difference in selling prices? i am going to sell in couple of weeks and don't want to be way over-priced.

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there are NO t-birds made in Canada --- yours may have come FROM Canada -- but it was definately made in the states -- Wixom, MI to be exact.
jodrod, i e-mailed vin info to you . thanks to replies, fellows. i was told by another used car dealer that it was a canadian car and was not worth as much. i think he was full of it!! like i said the gauges, etc are all in english, only thing is climate control is in celcius. i paid $45,500 plus auction fees, and only want to hang on to it for a few weeks. 480 miles, black on black, hardtop. wow!! what a car!!
You can change the climate control from Celcius to Farenheit jsut by pressing the lower button on the left side of the readout. However, I;'ll bet the speedo is in KPH with MPH in the small writing -- and the odometer is also in KPM's. Enjoy the car. If you bought it to flip for a quick profit, I'll be surprised if it works for you, but I sincerely wish you the best.
the mph is in big letters and the kph is in small letters. i'll go try to change the celcius on the climate control. only drove it twice and didn't have a chance to try out anything. got an offer today for $45,800 and it's history i think ???? thanks for the help!!

If you are in the States, as your from location suggests, and bought it here, I can guess why it may have been suggested as Canadian. If it has the body-color blank-out plates in place of the supplemental parking lights, it might be mistaken for a Canada-bound bird, since I understand that the lights do not pass collision standards for Canada. Or it may just be mis-information all together. I have read on these boards that Canadian Birds are not to be sold to Americans or to U.S. locations, though apparently people are trying to buy North & move South anyway. This may also be the case with yours. I'm not sure if the Canada Birds have any data plate differences from U.S. Birds, or if VIN's are in different sequence, but am sure that there is a way to verify destination country, probably by window sticker, if available.

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Someone must have changed the speedometer head then, because ALL Canadian cars have the KMSin the large lettering on the outer ring and the miles in the inner ring. Also, the odometer will count in kilometers, not miles. Check that carefully, because that is much harder to change. As someone said earlier, window sticker would tell the story for sure.
All Canadian cars have a block heater as
standard equipment. Check that too!
no block heater, and yeah i found the button to swith climate control to fahrenheit, (thanks david a) as JodRod told me also, the parking lamps have the inserts in them. I don't know what i got!! i bought it from another used car dealer that told me he bought it new. i wanted to make sure it was titled, not MSO, so i wouldn't have to pay sales tax. i haven't got title yet though, so that's what i'm waitin on to do more checking.
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