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Ok, here is the start of the BAD,BAD Dealer Post. Anyone that has a major gripe with their dealer post here. Boy we'll teach them a lesson to sc---w with their best costumers. Lets kick a-- and list dealers and their addresses.

Can't say that about mine, they were great.

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Fairway Ford
1350 E. Yorba Linda Blvd.
Placentia, Ca.

August 2001. had several phone conversations with salesman Doug at Fairway. Looking for Eddie Bauer Expedition 4wd. Selling price on any choice of 5 different ones 32,495. Went down to finalize deal and was told Doug had no right to tell me they were 32,495. They said they could not sell below 34,500. Doug denied that he told me they would be 32,495. I angrilly left dealership. Will NEVER return.

Guess who I DIDN'T buy my Black 2002 Thunderbird from as well as my 2001 Expedition.

I could fill this entire thread up with every Ford dealer in the Washington DC area. Every dealership's "manager" has been arrogant and unprofessional. Seems all they care about is how much over sticker one can fetch. Most are asking a minimum of $5k over sticker, and most dealerships have multiple cars in stock! What @sses! I would never buy a Ford from any of them....way too greedy!

Check out Gobirds....good dealers list, the first post is the place to go. My 2003 order is already placed! At MSRP!

I know I already posted this under the "Good Dealer" thread, but I can't get this negative feeling out of my system toward this dealership...World Ford of Kendall in Miami, FL. Salesman is Sean Pearson and Sales Manager is Amit Bhata. They're BOTH bald faced LIARS!!!!

Now I feel better!

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'll be cruisin' up and down A1A this weekend!


Just remember to fill out the form that Ford sends showing your disgust with the dealer. They will get the hint. Bad ratings mean less money.
I agree fill out survey, but please don't take frustations out on the GOOD dealers. If the survey is in regard to the bad dealer, blast em. But some people get a survey on a warranty repair from a good dealer and take the time to blast the bad dealer, then guess who suffers. The survey process for all it's faults is the life-blood of Ford dealers. Any answer less than a 9 or 10 is a failing grade. It's not really fair but it's what we have to live with. John

Most dealers in Denver are bad dealers when it comes to over charging for the new TBird. At Phil Long Ford, the sales staff was not trained nor was the delivery staff trained. I found that a Phil Long Ford in Denver the only training was on how to gouge the customer out of money. Adding up to $20K over MSRP at times for premiums w/ tops. One poor old man was told the option package cost $12K on his car which was a used car from Canada, picked up at auction. Those Canadian dealers are sending them down to mid-America, so greedy dealers can gouge even more profit from our beloved Birds.

My damaged top has never been replaced or repaired,my waisted time and travel have soured me on all Ford dealerships in Denver. Don't trust the service department as have heard nothing but over charging and poor repairs. This is the 23rd largest Ford dealer and he gets a D- from me.

If I were not a car person and the knowedge gleaned from BON the RumorMill and this great BB, wouldn't have noticed these negative issues.
Phil Long is improving but only because we are a powerful voice for the new Thunderbird.

Thank you discussion board.

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Just have to add the following dealer:

Oakridge Ford in London, Ontario, Canada

Made arrangements to order a '03 last October. Was just informed that a deposit of $10,000 was required!!!!! Stay away from these turkeys. Although I bought an SVT Cobra from them in '99, being a prior customer means nothing to them!

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