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Just wanted to say hello to all :)

Although I can no longer give you the scoop of what is happening at the plant, I still check out the board.

Its great to see that most are still pleased with their Birds.

My old/now plant was told that it has been comfirmed that the New Mustang (05 model- I believe) is going to be built by us. So, it looks like in a few years I might get to help out some more anxious owners in waiting.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer. Miss talking with all of you.


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Hi Pooh! I'm still ecstatic with my Torch Red "Freyja". Over 7,000 miles on her now. I'm sure you've heard plenty about the reaction this car provokes in people. (Typical reaction: "Oh my God look at that car!") That's not why I got it, but it is pretty cool. And your Torch Red paint doesn't hurt.
Hi pooh. good to here from you. hope the family and all are well. my triple black #2729 is still the neatest thing i have ever owned!!!!! happy motoring!! 02tbird
Hey, Pooh!!

I'm counting the days before Amadeus and I make the drive to Motown! We're cruising up on the 15th, and will be taking the Wixom tour with Dave at 9 on the 16th, then doing the museum tour.
Hi, Pooh! Wonderful to hear from an old friend -- it's been too long! I'm still adoring my yellow 'Bird and have had no real problems. As someone on this board once said, it's like taking a vacation every time you get into it.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

-- Paula
Hi Pooh, Tweede is still shining and gleeming all over drawing ooh's & aw's everywhere we go thanks to people like you.

P.S. Paula, Tweede is yearning to see his cousin again. Maybe next summer.

Take care Pooh & visit us on the board more often. We miss you.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
Hey Pooh! Did you loose the box for the glasses? Everybody else; you'll never figure out this coded message.
I heard the 2004 1/2 Mustang model will be on the LS/T-Bird platform. WixomPooh any word?
This would reduce engine displacement to 4 liters from 4.6.
I would presume that if Jag can get 400HP out of the 4 liter so could SVT!
On the post about seeing the 2003 at the T-Bird convention it was mentioned that the Bird may FLY BEYOUND 2005.
I thought I was buying a limited production 3 or 4 year run car.
Next we will see Mustangs, at half the price, being basically the same car! Probably they will have lighted mirrors in the visors!
From what we understand the Mustang is to be built on the LS platform (which is also shared by the TBird).

We haven't seen "the car" but have seen pictures of a prototype and hubby had the pleasure of seeing a clay model.

I am guessing that we will get more information in the next year or so. Have heard many rumors but none really worth repeating.

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