LS prices really dropping

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in our area or appears that way.

While having the oil changed looked at a
02 fully loaded V8 List 42500. Lot full
of new units too.

Lincoln ad showed a new 02 for $30,000
guessing this must be a V-6
Same ad had a 01 certified, V8, fully loaded
moonroof etc, low miles $27,000.

2 - 00 V8 models, certified, low miles,
listed at $23,000

A non-Lincoln ad had a V8 00 for $21,500.

The 00 have leased has a buy out at $27,000
don't think so from what see above. Wonder
if the 0% is driving down the prices or
if a lot of lease returns?? Was hoping the
model would do better than a Town Car.
My be just this area. Car is to be returned
end of Feb 2002 so will probably be a lower
value by than.

They keep saying the yellow car will be here
by time lease up, will see. No idea now on
# just a Feb car.


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Not open for further replies.