Love TBird...but I have questions

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Ok, I love the TBird.
I can get a 1955 model for less than the 2002. MSRP for 2002 is OK, but I feel dealers are adding too much profit above it.
I understand supply vs demand, but the 1955 model has as much demand, yet can be 40% less.Is real retro (1955)better or worse than new retro (2002)
If you're going to drive it, then there's no question, the 2002 is the way to go. If it's to be a garage/show queen then it's a tossup, but remember, the creature comforts in a 55 are almost nil and the ride is nowhere near what you can call comfortable. Also, point A to point B reliability must be considered into the equation, so your needs will answer the question for yourself.
I have both a 55 and a 2002. The 55 is fun to take to cruse ins and for a sunny Sunday drive. The 2002 is a great car to drive for fun or every day. We are going to take it to Myrtle Beach later this month a 1600 mile round trip, can't waite. My wife and I are going to take both cars to the cruse ins this summer. She won't drive the 55 no power steering or brakes. It is going to be a fun summer.
Originally posted by Bullwinkle:
Ok, I love the TBird.
I can get a 1955 model for less than the 2002. MSRP for 2002 is OK, but I feel dealers are adding too much profit above it.

I think I've posted this before. While older cars look good, they don't drive good. :) I remember the first '65 Mustang I took out for an appraisal. Since I am only 30, I had really never driven and older car. To make a long story short, I almost put it up over the curb and on the sidewalk. I basically slammed on the brakes (which were not very good either) and stopped the car. :) I can tell a big difference between the power of new Mustang GT compared to an older heaver one.

Hope this helps.
THIRDBIRD! I am in North Myrtle Beach, so when you come here later this month, please feel free to come visit. There will be three birds at our place and we always welcome the visit of another! We are at WNMB Radio. 843-249-6662.
Thank you for the invitation, I will call you after we get to the beach. Is your station AM or FM, and what is the station number?

If you can swing it, get one of each. I have had my '56 for 11 years and my Dad had her for 30 plus years.
I have driven the '56 up to 600 miles in one day through some very high heat. In the end your exhausted and the ride rearranges your spine.
A little rest, wash and shine the car and FUN! Shorter trips are easier on both the car and the bod.
If you take my 56 and my 2002 side by side and offer both for sale, the results are almost even with the 56 getting a little edge.
I love the safety features of the '02 and the ride is so much more road worthy.
The looks are about even, with the edge to the '56(my opinion, so much more quality metal and great for the time it was built). The insurance is about 4 times higher for the new birds if you are only driving about 2500 miles a year and the plates will cost a lot more too.

I can honestly say I would not part with either. My truck and other gear would go first.

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Norman, Up here in York Pa. we have an AM station at 910 on the dial WSBA. Back in the 50's and 60's they WERE THE STATION to tune to
but now all they broadcast are sports and talk radio. The FM stations have taken over the oldie's format. We have two of those. They do a good job.

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GoBird; Lots of AM stations that really used to do very well stopped doing it when FM came along. FM was perceived as better fidelity, less interference, etc. Fortunately for those of us who are AM broadcasters there are better radios coming along now, such as the one in the new Thunderbird which delivers a full fidelity AM Stereo signal. And...a number of AM stations are now returning music to their sound with targeted formats such as the oldies. We've found that combining strong community service and image with the music that so many of us grew up with allows an AM station to do just fine. I much appreciate Ford Motor Company for not being "cheap" with its AM radio sections. It makes a big difference.
I think I remember reading that the upper frequency that can be broadcast in AM is 4,000 hz. That would account for the lower fidelity. I have to say though, that I recently got rid of a beloved '62 Falcon (to make room in my garage for the T-Bird) that had a tube AM radio, and the sound of that was so much richer than the AM section in my Escort Station Wagon. What did they do to the T-Bird radio to give it a better sound? We have an excellent AM station here in the Seattle area - KIXI - that does easy listening oldies (like Frank Sinatra, Johnnie Mathis, Percy Faith, etc.). I have CD's in my collection - Eartha Kitt, and The Four Lads to name 2, that I owe to that station. And we have a different AM station - KBSG - that does Rock and Soul Oldies. You learn these things when you drive an old Falcon for 7 years.


Yeah, doesn't it seem all AM radios really are very crappy now days?

I have to admit to enjoy listening to talk radio when I'm driving by myself to help keep my mind alert. Seems the stations fade in and out so fast.

I remember as a kid pulling WLS from Chicago in the middle of North Dakota.
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