Looking for a post on color change/cancellation

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Seems saw a topic that someone posted as to
what time period you had to change a

Believe it said you could wait till car
was almost in production.

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I believe "locked" status is when no changes can be made.

Blue/Blue Premium w/ Full Accent '02 - VIN #1FAHP60A02Y111538 - Being built week of 2/11

Yellow '76
That's why was asking. Seems when most
folks post they have been notified the
car is in production. Didn't know time
frame to catch before the "locked" phase.

Another dealer has a blue/blue and
white/white coming in April to view.
If 02 production is to wind down around
May might be cutting it close to change
to one of these combinations.

If relations hadn't deteriotated so badly
with our dealership would feel better
about getting this done in time.
02 production is NOT winding down in May - They are producing 02s right up into August.
03s are scheduled to start production in Sept. according to one of the other topic threads.

You may make changes if your order hasn't received a VIN# for the car yet, so if you want to make changes and the dealer hasn't given you a VIN#, then it's probably a safe bet that the change can still be made.
It is my understanding that the 03 Thunderbird lauch is scheduled for the beginning of September. Although I am not sure if that means rolling off the final line or beginning in body shop. I will ask around to see when paint will be finishing up the last of the 2002.

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Thanks, WixomPooh. And Happy Valentines Day to you, too! That would be really helpful for those waiting if you're able to come up with an approximate end to the 02s.

Below are my calculations based on the present rate of production of 112/day (560/week) with 19 weeks left between end of this week and July 1 = 10640 cars could be built.

10000 were built by Jan 29 according to another thread - with 15,000 left to build.
Subtract the 10640 and (3.5x560=1960 for the last 3.5 weeks) = 2400 left for July & August. At 560/week, those could theoretically be completed in 4.5 weeks out of the 7 weeks left before September (that's subtracting the 2 week vacation in July). Looks like it's going to be a close call for the end of the 02s.
Just got word that the 11500's are on the line now. If you look at my date plot you will see that the 2/14/02 line intersects the 11500 line of the VINs. This indicates to me that the data I have is pretty good.

Projecting the estimate out to vin 25000 has a build week of 9/16/02.
jodrod, it looks like your graphs and my calculations support each other. As long as there are no glitches in the system between now and then, looks like mid-August for end of production for the 02s
Now to see what WixomPooh is able to find out.
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