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Looking for 2005 Windshield Wiper recommendations

Discussion in '2002 - 2005 Ford Thunderbird' started by DWEnviro, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have a 2005 Thunderbird and I'm looking for any recommendations, good or bad, on replacing my windshield wipers. I have tried dozens. After a few months they all seem to not work well. I recently saw the Rain-x Latitude Water Repellency wipers and was wondering if anyone has tried them? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

    Moderator Note: Get reviews on wiper blades here. Select car year, and then click wipers http://forums.fordthunderbirdforum.com/threads/2002-2005-new-parts-for-sale-on-amazon.5011/
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  2. I never really had a wiper problem with my 05 but lately I've had excellent results with Michelin wiper blades and I like their clean look - my perspective for what it's worth...
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  3. PIAA is a good choice.
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  4. I've had a hard time getting good wiper effectiveness on my 2008 Dodge Dakota (no problem with the TBird). I tried 5 of the "major" brands and contacted each company to get as much help as possible for the right fit and to find out if the problem was contributed to by the car design?

    While each company "talked" to me, most just gave the perfunctory "customer service" speak or followed the script they had be trained to.
    Only michelin took me seriously and "worked" with me to make sure I got the right blades, the right pressure on the shield and did the proper installation. It seemed important to them that I have the things "work" not just be satisfied that I'd contacted "customer service".
    Not surprisingly, I found Michelin to be the best product, as well and yes, the best "look" as well. So Michelin blades are on all my vehicles now.
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  5. Thanks everyone. I did end up with the Rain-X Latitude wipers. So far they are working fine - but I do notice them more so than previous wipers - like a black box attached to the wipers. I'll let you all know in about 6 months - or as soon as it starts to rain again here in Florida! Next ones I try will be Michelin if these don't work out.
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