Long Awaited News Finally Arrives!!!!

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Hello everyone. I am a new member to this
forum, but a long time reader (almost a year
now). My husband, Ken, and I placed an order
for an 02 Bird in Feb. 01. We are #4 of 5
at our dealer. Our deal was MSRP. We never
imagined the wait would be this long.

Ken and I have shared a long history of
Thunderbirds during our 35 years of marriage.
We have owned 2 '57 Birds. Ken did a ground
up restoration on one, and the other was a
"very good driver". Both have been sold. The sale of one helped to pay college expenses for our two children. Our other
TBirds were an '83 Heritage, an '85 Elan, and an '87 5 speed Turbo Coupe. We ordered
the Turbo Coupe new and still have it. It
has 7,000 original miles, and was selected
to be on display last July in Dearborn for the launch of the new Thunderbird. We toured Wixom and met and spoke with Nancy
Gioia. Her first new car was a Turbo Coupe.

This forum and the old BON have helped us
get through a long and difficult waiting time. We have gained knowledge and information about the cars which would not have been available to us. This is a group
of people who truly care and understand what everyone else is going through. Because of
the 800 number, I was able to learn that our
car was serialized. I knew this information
my salesman did, so I was the one who told

I am happy to announce that Thunderbird
#114987 (Blue/Blue/Partial/Premium) is
scheduled to be built during the week of
April 1st. It will be coming home to New
Jersey, and waiting for its arrival are:
a chrome bezel, upgraded floor mats, Neiman
Marcus wheels, sandblasted porthole emblems
and NJ personalized plates BIRD O2.

Thank you to everyone on this great forum.
Dot, Jodrod, Joelja, Lon just to name a few.
Waiting Patiently No More (Dave) and I met
in Philadelphia last summer at the Ford
Media Tour. We took a new Bird out for a
ride and we were gone almost an hour. The
tour crew was a little worried and thought we
would not return with the car. Dave was
not in a hurry to return the car. I was
saddened to read that WixomPooh is leaving
the Wixom Plant. I was hoping you could look
out for my car. Redbird, if you see #114987
come down the line, could you let me know?

This was much longer than I had planned, but
I've been waiting a long time. Let the
stories begin!!!

'87 TurboCoupe
'02 Blue#14987
'96 Bronco
'98 Windstar
'95 Miata M Edition
'95 Miata Red/Tan

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I've always wondered how one can read this message board (& the BON) and refrain from responding?? You have a lot of patience to have kept quiet for that long. Congratulations on your news. hope to hear from you more often especially when you get your car!
Thanks for your reply. I guess my patience
comes from being a teacher. I look forward
to meeting you at the Convention in

'87 TurboCoupe
'02 Blue#14987
'96 Bronco
'98 Windstar
'95 Miata M Edition
'95 Miata Red/Tan
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Congratulations Bird02. Your car will be coming in at about the most perfect time, no waiting for the winter melt, head straight for the road. I see you have a 87 Turbo Coupe. I had an 88 Turbo Coupe 5 speed Black. It was a great car. I sold it to a then 23 year old girl who totalled it out 2 years after she bought it. I should have never sold that car. But the 02 makes me forget all about that 88 as it is such a great car.

Yellow/Yellow Prem. 02 Bird w/full accent
1999 F150 Super Cab 4x4 Off Road
1998 Taurus SE Sport 24V
Hey gang...while I'm thrilled to be hearing of so many who have endured the wait and have their VIN's and cars already, I can't help but to feel more and more anxious that I don't have my VIN yet...especially after reading Bird02's post...4 of 5 and you have your VIN (GREAT news!)...however, I'm 4 of 7 at my dealership, and have yet to receive mine...I've called my dealer and he hasn't returned my call...not to ask a stupid question, but is there any way I can see if my car has been VIN'ed without going through my dealer?? Is there a plant number or website where I can put in my order number or something to see? I'm just starting to get incredibly frustrated, and the wait is about to drive me insane (joelja, feel free to chime in any time here)...my dealer's 3rd car was delivered the weekend of 2/23...all I can think of is if my dealer's allocation is 7, they should be receiving one bird every 8 weeks or so, maybe??? Someone PLEASE tell me that I'm getting close...4 years wait is long enough!!! Thanks all!

White/White premium; full red accent interior; no VIN yet
I feel EXACTLY the same as you do. I'm 10 of 18, which is about the same as 4 of 7.

My dealer, who is very nice, promises me I am the next one to be built for his dealership. I'm not talking to any salesman, i've only dealt with the general manager of the dealership. So, it SHOULD be built during the first half of April, since three of his cars are being built in April.

The net of it is, i will probalby get my car right before or right after our May 4-5 cruise.

As to your question about a phone number to call, I will send you an email. Watch for it.

blue/blue/full blue/premium on order: 10 of 18
Bird02, Glad to hear about another bird coming to Jersey. I will be at the Convention in Parsippany too. I hope to see you and anyone else from this group who will be there. Maybe we can set up a meeting time and place to get together. I problem I have now is which Bird to bring the '57 or the '02? Maybe I can switch on different days. Also just so you know June 8 will be the all years Thunderbird show in Pompton Plains sponsered by the North Jersey Thunderbird Assoc. You do not have to be a member of the club to show your car. Soon I intend to open a new string with more information on both shows.
We have been at the show in Pompton Plains
the past two years. Our '87 TurboCoupe
has earned 1st place each year in our
group. Looking forward to taking the
TurboCoupe and possibly the '02. Looking
forward to meeting you there. Keep us
posted on the information as it becomes
When your dealer is invoiced for the car you should be able to get your VIN #, at least that is what I found in my case. (NM)car. Wish you al well, the wait should not be too much longer. (Hopefully!)

Call Ford's 800 number and use the voice system, don't pick the human option, this number is supposed to be for dealers only.

The number is 800 962-3746, you will need your dealer's 4 digit order number, ask for a copy of the order, and the dealer code which is on all window stickers, bottom left side. On the dealer code, skip the letter F in the middle, just speak the 5 numbers.

The computer will say no information or something like that until a VIN is assigned. Good luck.
Thats great, i saw your car. I was there the past 2 years also. No car the first year, last year I had my Shay reproduction (red '55) This year will be the blue'57 and the black '02. So far I know of 2 other '02s that will be there.
flybrd & joelja,

I'm right there with you. My bluebird has been on order since 6/28/01. Initially I was told I was #31 of 40. All I seem to get is nice little e-mails telling me if they go in order, which he says they haven't been doing, I'm number 14, if they go in order of color, I'm number 2 and they will let me know as soon as they do. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Giving birth doesn't take this long. At least I can live vicariously through the members here *sigh* Oh well....it's snowing again around here, so it would only be parked in the garage....but I'd probably be parked in there with it wrapped in my down comforter *LOL*
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