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I decided to go ahead and purchase the LoJack system for the Thunderbird yesterday. The price at the dealership was $499.

I talked to the LoJack installer yesterday and in January they will have an add-on componet to the system that will not be very expensive, but will dial your home, work or cell number when your car is disturbed to inform you that your car ids being tampered with. It will then call the police and tell them to start the LoJack system, if you don't respond to the first call. It sounds like a good system to me.
Is there a monthly for their service, or a charge when responding?

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I'm not sure, but I will ask when the system is installed this week. I do know that there is no monthly fee for the basic LoJack system, but there may be one for the monitoring system.
I was very impressed when I had the LOJAK system installed on my 2000 Mustang convertible. When the alarm part stopped working about a month after I bought the car they came to my home and in my driveway they replaced the "brain" of the unit!
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