Loaner Cars at dealers

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Ones with birds or have owned a Ford in the
past. Does Ford have an optional plan that
can be taken out that would provide for a
loaner car while being repaired. Like the
Lincoln plan which is free.

We lived 30 miles outside of town. When
mom does get her bird and has to be
returned for repairs don't like the idea
of her being without a car for long periods
of time. With the bird if a plan was extra
cost would be money well spent. Guess they
would send tow trucks to pick car up under
warranty. Have never owned a product from
the Ford line so have no idea.

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If you want a loaner, you'll need to buy a Lincoln. There is a possibility you might get one with some ESP plans. You can ask.

I got the extended warranty from Ford (for all the problems I had) and I was told it covered loaners. My car is not here or else I would check what kind of warranty it is. ESP, Premium,,,, I don't know. But Ford does have it evidently.
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