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I've suggested this before, but why not add to the "Links" section some of the "Groups" that have been started such as the Metro Atlanta T- Bird group and the California group. There are others starting up as well.

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Just went to check and see if I could add links since tbrid made me a moderator (as jodrod) and I do not have that permission.
Here are the groups I have listed on the Yahoo! site.

Dallas/Ft. Worth http://groups.*********/group/DFWnewtbird/

Maryland Area (incl. PA/DC/VA) http://groups.*********/group/MD_TBird/

Tampa Bay Area Retro Birds http://groups.*********/group/TampaBay02Birds/

I seem to be missing the Atlanta area group.

Thunder on 66 http://groups.*********/group/Thunderon66/?yguid=79727420

Now that I have all the info gathered-Thunder will have it's own website-and not through Yahoo-blecch!

I'll post it here, as soon as it is done.

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That's what I originally thought you were talking about. tbird will have to do that, that is the reason I posted them, so he would have them if he had the time to do it.
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