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hey, what are the pros and cons of the lincoln chassis and power train (?) that the t-bird is built on? i think it's the best indication we have right now of what to expect with the t-bird's performance over the long term. thanks.

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One advantage that I can think of is that if one wants to upgrade the "relaxed performance" ride characteristics of the 2002 T-Bird, the performance springs and sway bars from the Lincoln LS V-8 Sport should be a bolt on and work well as the Bird weighs 83 pounds more than the LS.

Has anyone tried this yet? If so, how did it work?
I did some checking on the suspension differences between the Lincoln LS Sport and the Thunderbird.

Apparently the components used for the two vehicles are dissimilar enough to prevent swapping between the two, for now.

It could be that the 03 model year will be using the mods from the 2001 LS Sport that was paraded on the NAIAS 2001 circuit, including the lowered suspension, Bilstein shocks, larger stabilizer bars and upgraded performance from the engine.

Something else to remember is that modifications from factory specs and parts could negate any warranty on the vehicle.


Not second-guessing, but are you sure the suspension bits are different? When I saw them they looked identical to the LS. Unless they made a change since I last saw the suspension of the bird?

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