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After only a year on the market, Ford has announced that the Lincoln Blackwood will not be produced for the 2003 model year. For anyone who thinks the T-Bird is a collectible, I say the true collectible is the Blackwood---even the Edsel had a longer life.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

By the way, has anyone ever even seen a Blackwood on the road? I haven't---this thing really IS rare. I haven't even seen any at any of the Lincoln dealers near me. Does anyone have Blackwood production numbers and sales figures up to this point?

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I have only seen one Lincoln Blackwood on the road. It definitely caught my eye, although I can't imagine it invoking the response that the Thunderbird does. I feel the bird will be more of a collectible due to it's past history.
Not surprised at all. Most people with that
kind of money are not going to throw it away
foolishly. The ones that just fell into it
someway yes.

Totally impractical. You would be affraid
to through your luggage in that fancy bed.
Oh yea a true horse breeder putting all
that tack, other equipment back there and
being hard to get too at that, oh yea.

The lincoln dealer here had two that I saw.
Have seen one in our neighborhood.

Article in yesterday's local paper said that through Feb '02 Lincoln had sold 379 Blackwoods. Also stated ""the insistence on defect free models has limited Blackwood production to only about 700 units. The automaker expects to complete 10,000 to 11,000 Blackwoods before production ends in December with the 2003 model".

Makes me wonder where they are going to sell the other 9621 of them.
I saw a Lincoln Blackwood in Austin last week. I was stopped next to them at a light and they were way more interested in my bird than I was in their truck.
To me as an auto enthusiast....that truck was always a bad concept...completely.It can carry no more than 500 lbs rated load(my PTs are both capable of 550 internally!).It has a carpeted bed(Why?).The exterior of the bed made no sense...what is with the "ribbed" structure that isn't even carried into the cab body detail?Atleast the oversized ultra expensive Caddilac Escalade EXT is a true truck that is functional as well as capable of providing luxury requirements that the purchasers are looking for.If Lincoln had wanted to produce a luxury truck,fine,but it should have been functional as well.I am surprised though that the Pontiac Aztek will out survive it.I guess sometimes function can outlast form.

Who was the target market supposed to be? I'm not sure I understood the whole concept of the truck and who would drive such a beast.

DavidA I don't know but I would Like to get ahold of a 1953 or 54 Ford pickum-up to restore that has no or little rust.

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In regard to the Blackwood: I feel that Ford should have revived the old Ranchero. I still have a 71 Ranchero that I bought new, completely restored to better than new. It has a prominent place parked next to our 66 T-Bird conv. and our 02 Bird. By the way they are all red. I think the Ranchero would have much more appeal to small luxury truck buyers and be much more practical.
Speaking of the Falcon Ute.....GM still builds the El Camino down under as well...under the name Holden(GM's Aussie division)Sport Ute.It will be imported in 2004 as the El Camino along with one of Holden's sport coups which will be mildly modified and sold under Pontiac as the GTO!!Two classic names being reborn along with the new SSR....GM might just be making a comeback from the dark days of the Aztec and Vibe.


In a way hope they don't bring back the
ElCamino. I still have my 86 Conquista
covered and stored in the garage.

If they do I'll probably buy one and got
too many cars as it is.
whvt01,I know what you mean....if I had more money to afford a bigger home/garage,I would definently have more autos.My wife just doesn't

Originally posted by NMJeff:
Decided to drive my TBird for the first time this morning and I passed a Blackwood right on Woodward.

Are you pulling our leg?
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