Like it or not, we are Ford's Ambassadors...

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I have been thinking about this quite a bit and finally decided to break it down here for comment.

I have had my Triple Black Bird since August 2001 and have 7700 miles on it to date. As of yesterday, two people came up to me (on my only drive of the day to gas her up) and wanted to look inside my car and said "Oh, that's the new bird, may I look inside?" I said sure and opened the door for them and told them to take a good look and answered a few questions like color options, 2003 model changes, suspension and motor). Even when I am in a bad mood (occassionally occurs), I always seem to mind my manners when someone approaches me about the car. I try not to leave a bad impression for the rest of us Bird owners.

The issue here is that most of us know we have something special and share our cars with the general public. We have become Ambassadors for Ford. It starts from answering general questions about the quality of the car to a concluding statement that Ford finally got it right.

As corny as this may sound, we are like Trustees of something that doesn't really seem to belong to us -- the bird mystique and legacy which has spanned many generations of Americans from all walks of life.

As for the naysayers, (Whitaker and Ed Too Tall Jones and the handful that feel they need to vocalize their distaste) you'd have to be in our position (or fit in our shoes) to understand what I am talking about. In the end, it's our money, our car, and our opinion and like it or not, we are Ford's Ambassador's in a time when not all is right with the Company or the vast majority of their product line.

In the end, as me and my bird endure Los Angeles traffic, hit the Coast on a cruise, or cost me a few extra bucks in Valet parking for the primo spot, I'm cool with my newfound status.

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rt2esq, Couldn't agree with you more. Of anyone out there we will sell more Birds then any sales person could or any TV add they can put on TV. We are the first ambassadors of this car and I think Ford knows it.That is why they are trying to make us happy with our rides.

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I totaly agree with both of you. I am very pleased with my Tbird and when people ask about it or wnat to look inside I always do the same as you do and always speek on a positive not about the car and Ford.

There's a Ford add in those words, that for the most part I also share...

It does not take mutch to be mean, but it takes a little bit more effort to be nice...

I think that the key for Ford it to use some of that wisdom and apply it to its customer base, who for the last fiew years has been fighiting Ford itself in some cases.
I haven't had too much interaction on account of the car yet - but it's still early. I agree that we are in possession of something very special. I didn't get it to put myself there. I just got it because it's very beautiful. Period. If I were the only person in the world, I still would want this car.

I intend to handle whatever attention it brings with humility and gratitude. I'm just so glad to be here.
I agree. Owning this car feels special and makes you want to share the feeling with others. I even feel an obligation to keep it looking clean and polished on the street. We're a select group. By the end of the first model year less than 0.2% of cars on the road in North America (~150M) will be '02 T-birds. That's one in 6000. This car will be turning heads for years to come.
We give Ford $40,000 to give Ford free advertizing and be an Ambassador of sorts for the motor company and we are all happy to do it, but if you want just one Ford Thunderbird shirt to wear as the Ambassador of Ford while your on the job promoting, it will cost you another $40. I guess there is a price to be the biggest head turning, eye popping, best looking ride on the road. And I would do it all over again! I love this car. Everytime you drive it is like your in a one vehicle parade. Every set of eyes on the road are not on the road but on your car.

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All the above is true, but have you ever had so much fun with a car?! There will only be one '02 thunderbird. No matter how much they improve the newer ones, the 02 had the hype, the wait the web site with all these great people helping us wait. No other car I can thik of has had this much anticipation and this much acceptance. Makes me feel good to get stopped in the street for next guy to look at new t-bird. We should enjoy this attention while we have it!!
I've only had my red Bird a week and I can't believe the attention and comments it attracts. Yesterday I went to our local Chrysler dealership (same owner as my Tbird dealer) to get an inspection sticker on the Tbird. This saved me an hour and a half trip to their Ford site. The Tbird literally emptied the Chrysler dealership salesmen clerks mechanics etc. checked every inch of the car and exclaimed loudly their praise. What a trip.

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Think about what Thunder will do, not only for the group, for for the Thunderbird Community as a whole.

I can't wait for the thing to finally start-to watch people's faces as 50-75 Thunderbirds come rolling by as a group-and I was looking through the registrations I already have-we have everything from a 56 to the 02s! We even have a gentleman joining us who owns a 1990 35th Anniversary Edition Super Coupe-#1 of 3,371.

And because of the release of the 02, any Thunderbird is commented upon!

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Yes we are ambassadors. Great! We love the new Thunderbird and are proof of what Ford can do and probably will do in the future.

It feels terrific to be part of a select group of people who understand the thrill of owning a Thunderbird of any age. Thunder on 66 can't come soon enough. Yeh Tony!!!!!
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