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Dec 11, 2001
I wanted to properly care for my leather interior, so I ordered Lexol leather cleaner and also Lexol leather conditioner. It said to test on inconspicuous spot. I figured the most inconspicuous place would be another car, so I tried a small dab of the cleaner with a soft cloth on the leather-wrapped steering wheel of my Grand Marquis. I had previously kept it clean with Ford vinyl/leather cleaner. The Lexol seemed to be taking the light gray color off of the steering wheel in one area. The steering wheel now has a spot that is not smooth and feels tacky. I tried a small dab of the conditioner to see if it would help, but nothing changed. Even the vinyl cleaner doesn't help. I don't think I want this stuff anywhere near my T-Bird, especially on the yellow seat inserts. I am going to see if I can return it for a refund. I don't see how I could have applied it incorrectly. Anyone else tried Lexol?

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I have used both Lexol products, the cleaner & the conditioner on my full accent yellow interior with great results.

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The steering wheel tends to be one of the dirty parts of a car, are you sure it wasn't bringing out dirt and grime you may not notice from afar?
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