Let the stories begin!

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Today for lunch I dorve to the local cigarette outlet just over the MD/DE state line (cig are $10.00 cheaper in DE). While inside I notice a woman in her late 60's/ early 70's checking out my yellow bird really close.
when I walked out of the store she asked when I had had my costum body work done? I looked at her and asked what did she mean. She said it was plain to her that I had used parts from a '56 and '57 T-Bird for this comstum car and did any of the local car clubs let me show it since it was a custum job.
When I told her it was a 2002 Thunderbird her jaw hit the ground...she said no way, it was to good looking to be made by Ford in this day and age. I assured her that it was a new T-Brid and would show her the papers if she wanted to see them.
She looking the car over once more and saud that whe would not have belived it if I hadn't told her that the car was new, not costum built. {too bad she wasn't a few years younger


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Boy Friday was nice, left the office a little early for lunch and went home. Drove the Black bird back to the office.
It was just a little cold 60“f, top down, but what a day.

While it was parked,in front of my office, a guy stopped his 18 wheeler and got out to inspect the car.I was watching from the dock area out of his view.I guess he put his hands in his pockets so he would not touch the car. After 2 trips around he got down on his knees , then rolled over on his back to look under the car. When he finally came up for air there was biggest grin on his face. Made the day warmer for both of us.
I was headed out to get a haircut yesterday and a slammed CANARY YELLOW Acura with what looked like 19" wheels mounted with rubber bands (sharp looking car) was headed in the opposite direction. I noticed he had a point and shoot camera aimed at me. I thought "now that's flattering". Took a quick look in the outside rearview to try and catch what the rear of his car looked like but I didn't see him. As I started to pull away from the stop light I heard a loud four cylinder screaming up behind me, looked in the mirror again and here comes the Acura. Apparently he had pulled a uey and was after me. He made two trips around the car (three lane road, I was in the center lane). I had slowed down so he could, fortunately there was not much traffic. He wanted to stop and talk but I was running a little late for the appointment and didn't have the time, which was a real shame, I have found that car types are the most fun to talk to about the Bird.

And it just keeps going and going and ....


Coddington is making 22" wheels now-you should see those things-they are just like you describe-you have to wonder if there is any air in 'em!!

Kinda of embarrassed about this story, but the other afternoon here in the D.C. area I was top down and driving slowly though the city. I approached a line of stopped cars at a traffic light and got in the que with the rest of the cars. On the sidewalk about 25 feet in front of me was a homeless guy (sign said so) pan handling the pedestrians. He looked over at the car and sort of jogged up to me on the driver side cup in hand and said "that is a hot car". I replied that it was a 2002 Ford Thunderbird and he said this was his first and was impressed. I figure he sees a lot of cars. About that time the light had turned green and the line was moving out. I pressed on. Kinda of felt bad for not giving him some change. However, he sounded sort of business like with his remark and when he approached me and I actually forgot for the few seconds that he was homeless until I drove off.
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