Let The Stories Begin

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Today while buying gas in Oklahoma City a man approached and said that he wanted to look at the new Thunderbird. He said that he had not seen one except on the TV add. As always I was happy to let him look, but then he said that his son was good frinds with the designer of the car---I said to myself "yea right I am sure he knoews the designer". But then he said that his son was a college frind of J. Mays. So maybe he did know the designer!!!
Let's hear about other nice things caused by the car.

Two more people should be happy soon, saw a red over red and a yellow over yellow on transport headed south on I35 just north of OKC.

Bill's Red and White #4359

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Today a guy came up to me and my freshly waxed Bird and said get the hell out of the car, gimme the keys and stole it.

Let the stories begin.....


Thought I should tell you that even though J Mays is the Vice-President of Design at Ford, the person truly responsible for the design of the new Birds is Doug Gaffka, Chief Design Engineer. J was just the man who kept the team focused, Doug was the man who came up with the idea of taking a 55 Thunderbird and having his people wash the car over 1000 times to get a feel of what it felt like, then translating that feel into the new Bird.

I have been pulled over once by a Denver Police officer, JUST to take a look at the car!

Yesterday I took pictures of my NM Bird for Birdman93 and the owner of White Fence Farm Restaurant gave me permission to use the grounds and building for background if I would let his employees take a look at the Bird.
I don't mind showing off, but Mr. Wilson's wife just bought a new Sebring convertible.
When I answered her question about the removable top, she cringed.
Then they all cringed when they found out Colorado dealers are getting $10K over MSRP.

I hope the pictures do the restaurant justice.
It is one of Colorado's institutions, serving fine home style Chicken meals, by the friendliest people in the State.

'56 + '02 Birds
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