Labeless Visors/ Red Floor Mats/ Wing in Trunk

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For everyone that has e-mailed messages to me over the past few weeks, I have just posted photos of my recently completed project of removing the labels from the visors and my red floor mats (available through ) and my Thunderbird wing that I put in the trunk of my car (using velcro to attach it to the carpet). Photos of all of these, along with some "Cool Photos" of Thunderbirds are now showing at the following site:
Thanks for posting those photos! I ordered a couple of sets of extra TBird logos and "Thunderbird" scripts (the ones on the sides of the car), and was itching to find a place to put them. The inside trunk is a great idea!

For those who are looking for them, the parts department can get any logo or badge for about $15.

TBIRD II - My License Plate
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